Orlando Air Conditioner Installation

Carrier Air ConditionerAn Orlando summer season has a lot to offer residents in our area. But whether you choose to take a stroll through Moss Park or go on a full-on family excursion to the Magic Kingdom, when you arrive at home, you want to get comfortable. In our area, that means having a top of the line cooling system ready and waiting, and that’s where the AC installation experts at Greens Energy Services come in!

Our air conditioner installation team has served Orlando homeowners for over 60 years. So when you’re looking for cooling you can trust, you can rely on Greens.

When you’re ready for a new, high-efficiency air conditioner in your Florida home, contact Greens Energy Services!

Orlando Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Installation in Orlando

Summers in Central Florida can get pretty uncomfortable, and we know you don’t want to do without the cooling relief of air conditioning unit. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in Orlando—click here to learn about Carrier air conditioning systems.

Contact us for air conditioner installation in Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area!

Air Conditioner Replacement in Central Florida

Replacing an older air conditioner can cut your energy usage between 20% and 50%! Frequent repairs, climbing electric bills, and the age of your air conditioner are a few hints that it is time to schedule air conditioner replacement. When that time comes, Greens Energy Services can put you on the path to a safer, cheaper, and more comfortable indoor environment.

No matter the Orlando air conditioner installation service you’re looking for, Greens Energy Services can help.

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The Benefits of Air Conditioner Installation

Not sure if air conditioner installation is the right move for your Orlando home? An air conditioner replacement with Greens will bring you:

  • More reliable home comfort.
  • Higher system efficiency ratings.
  • Lower cooling costs.
  • Better home air quality.
  • A quieter cooling system.

Why Choose Greens for AC Installation in Orlando?

Last year an estimated 60-70% of new air conditioner installations (including in the Orlando area!) were done without any type of permit being pulled. It is the responsibility of the contractor to purchase this permit and to install all equipment in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Florida Mechanical Code. Upon completion of your AC installation, a mechanical inspector from the city (or county) will come to your home and inspect all work done by the contractor. Any code violations and/or substandard work will be listed by the inspector and must be corrected by the contractor before the work will be approved. This is critical protection that all homeowners should insist on when scheduling air conditioner installation in Orlando. This could prevent needless future issues with your air conditioning system.

Greens Energy Services routinely pulls permits on all new air conditioner installations in the Orlando area. We are committed to installing all new equipment under the most stringent guidelines and in full compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. Upon completion of your AC installation, our start-up technician performs a comprehensive check of all new equipment to ensure not only that it is operating properly but also that it is code compliant. An appointment is then made for the mechanical inspector to come to the home and inspect our work.

Orlando Air Conditioner Installation

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