What to Do Before Turning on Heating System

A strong string of cooler nights and milder days is telling you it’s almost time to bring your furnace system out of retirement. But before you do, we’d like to ask a question: Have you done your pre-season heating system routine? If not, or if you don’t know what we’re even talking about, follow along! The experts at Greens Energy Services are here to help you have a cozy and comfortable winter season this year.

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Don’t Switch Your Orlando Heating System On Yet! Do These First:

  1. Be sure to change your air filter. Replacing your air filter is quick and easy, and ensures your system retains healthy air flow all throughout its season. It’s one of the best ways to reduce risks and increase performance, so be sure to keep up with it every two months at the least.
  2. Clean away any cobwebs. Dust and other particles can gum up your heating system if it gets sucked in, which it almost certainly will if left alone. This can drop efficiency and can also create a fire hazard, so get out your duster and broom!
  3. If you use gas, check your carbon monoxide detectors. Gas furnace systems are quite safe overall, but there’s always something to be said about staying as secure as possible. Ensure your detectors are up to date and perform a standard test.
  4. Also for gas, check your pilot light. When you ignite your pilot for the first time take a moment to examine the flame. Is it burning blue and staying relatively steady? Good! But if it’s burning orange and flickering you might need to set up a professional furnace repair.
  5. Perform a test run. Got the rest all in order? If so, go ahead and give the system a test run next time the day is somewhat on the crisp side. Let the unit run for a good hour, and be sure to check the thermostat for accuracy and proper operation. Any malfunctions or inconsistencies means it’s time for a service call!

So why go through the hassle of all of the prep and cleaning? The gist of it is all about protection. You want a heating system, be it heat pump or furnace, that is both efficient and reliable this year. And you don’t want a sudden breakdown, or high heating repair bills! That’s what this prep offers you: a chance to optimize your comfort and keep costs as low as possible.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Heating Maintenance Service

Do you need to set an appointment for heating maintenance? If so the team at Greens is ready to help! Give us a call today to set up your appointment so our team can ensure your system is running at its very best this winter.