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How Early Should I Schedule AC Maintenance?

In the land of HVAC, you’ll hear (and likely have already heard) time and time again about how important maintenance is. It’s the service responsible for keeping your system in its best condition possible, and one of the most effective ways to avoid costly repair-related issues. And so of course you know you need to schedule it.

But is there a “best” time to schedule a service? Is it possible to schedule it too early, or too late? Find your answers now by following along with the team at Greens Energy Services!

How Often Should I Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to get an AC maintenance service at least once a year. We run our cooling systems hard, and here in Orlando they do double duty—combating humidity and heat all at once. That means over the course of a single season that accumulate tons of grime, and have quite a bit of general wear.

Lubrication needs to be reapplied, electrical connections needs to be checked, and the thermostat might need to be calibrated. Doing all of this means less risks of a breakdown, and helps to ensure your system lasts as long as possible, hopefully living up to at least its projected lifespan.

How Early Should I Schedule a Service?

Ideally, as soon as possible. We wouldn’t really recommend scheduling maintenance service for your cooling system in the winter, because it’s going to be sitting idle for a while. But spring is just about perfect.

By getting a service in the spring you avoid a lot of problems, including:

  • Finding out your cooling system has a problem when its already too hot outside to do without an AC system
  • Running your system when it is weak and inefficient, which costs you more money on your utility bills
  • Having trouble scheduling during the peak summer season

All around, spring is your go-to time, and the time out experts recommend most often. That way you maximize your benefits, get the most out of your air conditioning system, and avoid a very unfortunate situation come the summer.

Late Is Better Than Never!

Things happen, life happens, or maybe you just forgot. But that doesn’t mean you should just skip a maintenance service! It’s never too late to get more efficient cooling and to reduce your energy consumption.

Even more importantly, failing to get an annual service is the leading cause of unexpected breakdowns and huge repair bills. We’re not joshing! It’s no exaggeration at all to say that far more than half of our repair calls wind up happening because the homeowner didn’t schedule a tune-up. Take the steps to protect your system now!

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Looking for trained and certified cooling experts in Orange County? Contact Greens Energy Services! Our team has been handling cooling maintenance for local clients for generations now, and we have the experience and training to service all makes, models, and types of cooling.

For even more benefits contact a Greens team member today to talk about signing up for a home HVAC maintenance agreement!

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