Ideal Thermostat Setting for a Florida Winter

Florida winters are, thankfully, milder than most. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about them. As the winter months set in the temperatures dip down lower than any other time of the year.

Combine that with several holidays that can mean a lot of extra bodies in the house, or constant in-and-out of home visitors, and knowing what to set your thermostat to can be a bit of a puzzle. If you’re in the interest of saving energy (and money!) throughout the year, then knowing the ideal thermostat settings for Florida winters is a must.

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Does It Matter?

What’s a degree or two on the thermostat, right? If you’re wondering just how much of an impact a couple of degrees can have on your overall energy consumption then you might be surprised to find just how much it does matter. We’ll start by saying that like most questions of energy consumption and savings, the whole thing actually gets very complicated, and very quickly. The type of system in question, the size of your home, how good (or not good) your insulation is—all of these things are going to play a part.

With that in mind, we’ll just use some general numbers to give you an idea. A single degree on a furnace can represent as much as 10-12% more energy used by your heating system, translating to a rough estimate of a 3-5% higher energy bill. When you consider the three or more months that your system is going to be running, you’re talking about a lot of energy wasted needlessly!

Setting Your Thermostat for Efficiency

The final number is going to change from person to person, but our experts typically find that running a furnace at about 68-70 degrees is perfect for the daytime. In the evening you can even cut it back by a few degrees more, since you’re going to be snuggled, bundled, and sleeping anyway.

You can also optimize your energy savings this winter season by taking up these easy tips:

  • Consider adding insulation. Most modern homes lack some insulation, meaning you can add blown-in insulation for a reasonable price. You’ll be reaping the comfort and energy benefits for years!
  • Use ceiling fans. Running ceiling fans clockwise pushes warm air back down into your room, helping keep a stable warm temperature. There’s a switch on all ceiling fans to swap between clockwise and counter, so be sure it’s set correctly.
  • Replace your air filter frequently. A clean air filter optimizes proper flow, helping your system work more efficiently. It’ll also help out with those winter air quality challenges.
  • Use a programmable thermostat for furnaces. Programmable Wi-Fi thermostats take all of the guesswork out of keeping your energy-savings to comfort ratio balanced.

Furnace Efficiency Solutions with Greens in Orlando, FL

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