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How to Prep Your AC Unit for Warm Weather

It’s official—things are starting to warm up in earnest in the Orlando area! Our long, odd winter is now coming to a close, and pretty soon you’ll be dusting off your air conditioning system after its hibernation. Need some help getting it prepped, tested, and in proper working order? Greens Energy Services can help you ensure your cooling system is ready to take on the fast-approaching heat!

Is Pre-Season Testing Important?

Extremely. Getting things in order and ready to roll serves to not only avoid the horrible possibility of finding out there’s a big issue on the first real scorcher of the season, it also optimizes your unit for higher efficiency. You ideally want your air conditioner, heat pump, or whatever to do its job easily and cleanly all season. You don’t want mid-season emergency service calls, high cooling bills, and a system that can’t even keep up with the Central Florida heat.

Your Quick AC Prep Checklist

Don’t worry! Getting a cooling system prepped and primed for action is actually really simple.

  • Replace the air filter. Every good HVAC prep list starts with this one. A filter takes a matter of minutes to replace and will ensure the system flows effectively. This can cut down on its workload (meaning less energy used) and will keep your home temperatures more even overall.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit. Ensure the outdoor unit is clean and free of dust, any leaves or plant bits, salt deposits, or other obstructions. Also, if needed, straighten the fins with a flat object carefully (a butter knife can do it fine).
  • Dust off the main indoor unit. Keeping electrical equipment free of dust is an important part of home safety. Equipment gets pretty hot at times, even an AC, and a highly-flammable cake of dust can ignite in moments and cause a lot of damage.
  • Check the condensate line. The drain line should be easy to spot, and all you need to do is check the output end for any possible clogs or obstructions to avoid any trouble.
  • Schedule a tune-up. Now let the pros take things from here! A pre-season tune-up service will ensure that you don’t have any lurking problems that could cause you trouble down the line and also optimizes your unit for strong, cost-effective summer cooling.

Investment Considerations

Looking for some low-cost ways to beef up your system and get a bit more comfort this year? We’ve got a couple of suggestions:

  • Programmable thermostats. A programmable thermostat may seem like small potatoes, but these handy little tools can actually save you a bunch of time and money. Streamlined operation can give your system an efficiency boost, while smart programs will learn your preferences and simply handle your cooling day to day needs on its own.
  • Indoor air quality products. By keeping indoor air pollutants down you can keep them out of your filters and HVAC systems. This means cleaner, healthier air for both your family and your cooling system. Everyone’s happy!

Air Conditioner Service & AC Accessories in Orlando, FL

In need of cooling experts with the know-how and tools to give your system a solid prep service this season? Contact the NATE-certified professionals at Greens Energy Services today for top-notch AC, and heat pump tune-up services!

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