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4 Reasons to Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Agreement ASAP

So maintenance is an excellent service. It’s one that preserves the efficiency of your cooling and heating equipment, it prevents lots of potential breakdown risks, and it even extends the lifespan of your HVAC systems. But you already know all of this—especially if you’ve been keeping up with us lately.

But why get a maintenance agreement? What even is that, and more importantly, is it worth it? Follow along with the team at Greens Energy Services while we give you four great reasons to join a plan today!

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What Is a Maintenance Agreement?

At baseline, a service agreement is a contract between you and your HVAC contractor stating that the contractor will supply you with two tune-ups a year (one for cooling in spring, one for heating in fall). But that is bare bones, and most agreements include incentives.

What those are, and whether or not they make the agreement worth it, differs from company to company. It can include discounts, priority emergency services, guarantees—lots of good stuff. And you should certainly shop around for a good package should you choose to enter a contract.

Why Do I Need a Maintenance Agreement in Orlando?

Well, first off you already need the tune-up services, so there’s the fact that you don’t need to try to remember or keep up with it on your own. But that’s sort of a gimme, and not really a good answer all its own. These are the real reasons:

  • Because agreements save you money. The tune-up alone serves to keep your energy-efficiency maxed, which will translate to lower energy costs throughout the year. But beyond this, service agreements include discounts on repairs and parts, as well as labor, and they often even include cost reductions on the tune-up services themselves (as a bundled deal).
  • Because priority services are more valuable than you might think. When something goes amiss with your heating or cooling system it becomes a race against time to preserve your comfort. Having a team that is dedicated to getting your systems back up and running is one of the best ways to protect your comfort.
  • Because it’s the best way to keep your system operating at its best. Tune-ups don’t do nearly as much for you if you only get them every once in a while. Just like a car, an HVAC system needs tune-ups routinely in order to work their best, and an agreement makes certain that you actually get HVAC care with consistency.
  • Because it keeps your warranty valid. Warranties are quite powerful these days, but they also almost always require routine maintenance in order to remain valid. Manufacturers know that tune-ups prevent problems, and so they want you to stay on top of it! With an agreement in place, you stay covered.

Superior HVAC Maintenance Plans in Orlando, FL

At Greens we take the level of service and quality we provide seriously. That’s why our programs offer tons of exclusive benefits and perks, making you a VIP with all of the care and customer service you need to stay cool and confident.

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