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Things to Know When Buying an Older Home in Florida

Buying a new home is an exciting endeavor, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. Older homes boast an abundance of charm and sophistication as they are typically designed with interior and exterior aspects that aren’t as commonly seen today.

With that being said, there are also factors of older homes that may not be as reliable as expected; because of this, there are a few key things to check off of your list when in the buying process of an older home to ensure that you’re making a practical and rewarding investment. Make sure to ask all of the right questions when hiring an inspector.

If you’re in the market for an older home in Florida, contact Greens Energy at  (407)-917-3759 or online to ensure your HVAC and oil tank servicing needs are met!

Check for Underground Oil Tanks

Although rare, the presence of oil tanks under older homes still exists. Homes built over 20 years ago are at a higher risk of said tanks leaking which, in turn, can lead to fuel oil contamination. Should contamination occur, it could cost you a hefty bill just to clean it up. On top of this, contamination can also lead to environmental issues; it can render groundwater and/or drinking water unusable. This could further become a hazard to one’s health.

Hiring a professional to check for and remove abandoned oil tanks is your best bet at protecting you and your property. Taking soil samples and performing pressure tests is a way for them to tell if there is, in fact, an oil tank underneath your property alongside the presence of contamination. The team at Greens Energy specializes in oil tank removal and aims to assist you with any service your property may need—big or small.

Ask the Age of the HVAC

Properly working HVAC systems are a must-have addition to any home. In the case of older homes, it may be that the HVAC present is worn-down and outdated. If your energy bill appears to be higher than normal, it could be a sign that your machine is working overtime due to its faulty condition. Oftentimes, your system is past the point of repair and needs to be replaced altogether.

Some steps you can take are cleaning off any critters or overgrown plants on your system, seek out any abnormal leaks, or listen out for improperly working fans. Having maintenance performed on your HVAC system annually will extend its life span and enhance its functionality. We at Green Energy are experienced at inspecting and maintaining HVACs and can install your property with a brand-new Carrier HVAC system if needed.

Is There Lead-Based Paint in the Home?

Lead-based paint was frequently used in homes before 1978; if you’re buying a home constructed before then, it likely consists of lead-based paint. If this is the case, the presence of chipping, peeling, or overall damaged paint can be hazardous for your health and should be addressed immediately.

A few ways to avoid harm caused by lead-based paint is by frequently removing dust and other buildup on walls with a wet cloth, keeping your shoes clean and free of lead dust, and even hiring an inspector and removal service to completely rid your home of the detrimental substance.

How Old Is the Roof?

A common telltale sign of an old home is a deteriorating roof. The condition of the roof depends heavily on the weather, history of maintenance, and also how it was installed in the first place. A high-quality roof is crucial in order to protect you, your home, and your belongings from the elements.

On top of scheduling an appointment for a roof inspection, there are some things you as a homeowner can keep an eye out for in order to determine your roof’s condition and performance. You can check it for missing, cracked, or peeling shingles, clean out your gutters, look out for attic or ceiling leaks, and patch up your chimney to further protect your roof.

Greens Energy Is Your One-Stop Shop for HVAC & Oil Tank Services

Purchasing a home is one of the greatest investments you can make, so it’s only right to make certain that all of its aspects are serving you well. Greens Energy is a family-owned company local to Florida that’s been serving the area since its inception in 1953. We provide exceptional HVAC and fuel service, and our great reviews stand to validate this.

Florida is no stranger to weather-caused emergencies; because of this, we remain open and readily available 24/7 for whatever issue may arise. Should you be on the lookout for HVAC repair or maintenance, installation, fuel service, or even potentially oil tank removal from your residential home, reach out to the team at Greens Energy to learn more about our offered services.

Greens Energy is here to answer any of your HVAC or fuel-related questions. Call us at (407)-917-3759 or contact us online to speak to a professional!

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