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When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

Posted On: January 10, 2018

Sometimes it’s a simple loss of efficiency, or perhaps a cold spot or two. Other times it’s much worse—your weird noises, and of course your breakdowns. With all of these potential issues it can be hard to decide when a standard furnace repair can meet your needs and when you need to call for emergency services.

Need some help deciding? Greens Energy Services has you covered with our top list of definite emergency situations!

Have an emergency on your hands? Call the Greens Energy Services emergency service team now by dialing 407-917-3759!

Discomfort Is Always an Emergency

Before we start digging into the clear signs for emergency service we think it’s worth mentioning that being uncomfortable in your home is always worth calling an emergency service team if you need it. We’re here to help and ensure you stay comfortable, and your furnace is there to do its job. If you’re cold, if you’re worried, or if your system just can’t keep up, call a professional! It’s not overkill, it’s not silly, and it’s not a problem—it’s what emergency furnace services are for.

When to Call for Emergency Services

Nearly every problem a furnace can encounter will display clear signs of the issue at hand. These are the most troublesome or potentially problematic, and we would say they’re always worth calling on an emergency furnace service in Orlando for:

  • Loud or persistent odd noises. Weird noises most often correspond with a damaged or worn out part in the system. This is particularly troublesome because not only can you lose heating, but the loose part can also do severe damage to the furnace if left alone too long.
  • Furnace short-cycling. Short cycling, also called “rapid cycling,” can indicate a wide range of issues, from an incorrectly sized system all the way to a thermostat bug. But no matter the cause, the important part is your furnace won’t be running long enough to heat your home at all until it is resolved.
  • Cool or cold air. Usually caused by an air flow blockage, cool or cold air from a unit is one of our most common emergency service calls. Start by checking to ensure your furnace filter is clean, but if that’s not the cause then you’ll need an expert to avoid further trouble.
  • Uneven heating. Cold spots in your home, or are some rooms notably cooler than others? This is usually an air flow or duct issue, but it may be electrical as well. A professional emergency furnace repair team has the tools and training needed to find and resolve the issue.
  • Electrical issues. Electrical problems are not only annoying and costing you comfort; these problems can be dangerous, too. Keep close watch for light flickering when the unit kicks on (a sign of overloading), frequent breaker trips, and humming or buzzing sounds coming from furnace components. Never try to find the problem yourself! Electrical issues can be very dangerous and it’s just not worth the health risks.

Call Greens for Emergency Furnace Services in Orlando, FL

Having one of the issues we listed above, or just tired of being uncomfortable? Our NATE-certified and highly seasoned experts are only a call away! Dial 407-917-3759 to speak with our trained Central Florida emergency service experts now!

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