Residential Oil Tank Removal in Orlando

Many homes have an underground fuel tank for efficiency and convenience, but if an old tank is left behind on a property, it must be removed to protect the environment and the home’s value. Whether you’re replacing an older tank or converting to another fuel source, you can count on Greens Energy Services for help removing your underground oil tank.

We have served Florida for over 65 years, providing commercial fuel services, fuel delivery services, fuel tank services, and more. We offer residential oil tank removal in Orlando and surrounding areas. With our expert team and our dedication to quality, you can count on us for reliable, professional results.

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Why Fuel Tank Removal Is Necessary

In the past, many fuel tanks were underground, eliminating an eyesore and freeing yard space for other purposes. But with their steel construction, it was only a matter of time before they began to leak, creating significant environmental damage.

Whether you heat your home with oil or not, it’s possible that an old tank exists on your property. If so, it’s essential that it’s removed due to the likelihood of it leaking now or in the future. It’s also now illegal in Florida to have an underground tank in a residential area, and many lenders will refuse to grant a mortgage to a property that has one.

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Signs You May Have an Underground Fuel Tank

Home oil tanks were often abandoned in place, leaving an undesired surprise for future homeowners. Here are a few telltale signs that you may have an underground oil tank:

  • Exterior fill or vent pipes: Underground oil tanks require both a fill and vent pipe to work properly. If you notice unused pipes outside near the foundation, you may have an underground oil tank.
  • Vent or fill pipes in the basement: Homes with basements may have vent and fill pipes on the floor or wall, indicating a tank below the slab or just outside the foundation.
  • Fuel lines: If there are old copper fuel lines coming into your home or basement, an underground tank may be present.

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Oil Tank Removal & Mortgage Approvals

The presence of underground storage tanks can create one more task to complete before a lender approves a home loan. Because of the potential for pollution and environmental damage to the home and property, many lenders will require the removal of the tank before they’ll approve the loan.

The older the tank, the more likely it is to corrode. This is especially true with tanks installed before 1985 because these were made of bare steel. However, many lenders won’t make this distinction and will often require removal regardless of when the tank was installed.

Our removal teams help clients secure the proper permits for removing the tank. We’ll also perform a full site assessment to determine if there were any leaks. We thoroughly document every stage of the oil tank removal process and provide our findings to our clients for presentation to the lender.

While tank removal can be completed in just a few hours, it can take several days or more to receive the results of soil samples to confirm the soil is free from any pollution from the tank.

We generally recommend the removal of old oil tanks from your property. Without knowing all the specifics of the tank, installation, etc., it’s a potentially costly environmental hazard that isn’t worth the long-term headache. If a tank is needed, it’s often best to install a new one before you move into the property.

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When you need an expert to safely remove an oil tank at your Florida home, talk to our team at Greens Energy. We’re completely licensed, insured, and certified for fuel tank removal, and we can safely excavate the fuel tank, pipes, and any contaminated soil.

We have all the equipment necessary for underground tank removal, and we also offer new fuel tank installations if you plan to replace the tank with a leak-free, above-ground version.

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