Geothermal Heat Pump Repair in Orlando, FL

Normally your geothermal heat pump is more than capable of providing your home with the kind of quality comfort you can trust. But today you find the system chugging, making odd sounds, or just failing to operate at its best. Sound familiar? Then you came to the right place. Greens Energy Services offers leading geothermal heat pump repair to clients all across Central Florida!

For over 60 years our certified heating and cooling team has been helping Orlando homeowners get fast, accurate repair services that restore comfort and confidence every single time. We carry extensive experience and training when it comes to geothermal systems, and when it comes to repair services no one does it better than Greens.

Having trouble with your geothermal heat pump system? Call on the experts at Greens Energy Services for superior repair services! You can reach us online any time, or call us at 407-917-3759 for priority service!

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair Services

Our repair teams use innovative and proven diagnostic techniques in tandem with our decades of experience in order to meet your repair needs. We take care to find the root of the problem, dealing with both the issue and its cause in order to ensure you don’t have a repeat performance. We put your comfort above all else and are dedicated to earning the trust of our clients. You’re the priority, and we’re not done until the job is done perfectly.

Signs You Need Geothermal Heat Pump Repair

Knowing what to look for can save you on cost and stress, meaning you want to be able to act fast if the warning signs appear. Luckily these signs are easily recognized:

  • Sudden drops in temperature quality. Geothermal heat pumps work phenomenally well in our climate, and should be able to operate perfectly in most weather conditions we experience. If your home is suddenly warmer or cooler than it should be it’s time to call the experts!
  • Reduced or blocked air flow. Healthy air flow is vital to proper HVAC operation. If the air from your vents is coming out noticeably slower, or not at all, you need to have a professional come take a look. Left alone for too long air flow blockages can result in much larger issues, including complete system breakdowns.
  • Loud noises. Strange or loud sounds means loose or worn out parts pretty much 99% of the time. These can be very dangerous for your GHP, and they need to be addressed right away before a swinging component knocks the internal workings of the system.
  • Mode jamming (stuck in “heat” or “cool”). Mode jamming is unique to geothermal and air source heat pumps. While it’s not exactly common, it does happen from time to time. Ensure all settings are accurate and correct, and then call in a repair professional.
  • Frost or freezing. When air flow is blocked or refrigerant leaks have occurred cooling systems will often respond by getting too cold internally and forming ice. The problem isn’t one of the worst things that could happen, but you won’t be getting conditioned air until the problem is addressed.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair in Orlando, FL

As a Florida resident, there are few things more important than maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. When you need geothermal heat pump services throughout the Orlando area, you need the heating and cooling experts at Greens Energy Services. Why risk compromising your comfort by entrusting your heat pump serviced to anyone else?

Contact Greens Energy Services today if you need geothermal heat pump repair in the Orlando area!

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