Furnace Maintenance in Central Florida

A dependable heating solution is an absolute must to keep you comfortable all year long here in Orlando. We may not be as famous for our winters as our heat waves, but we get our fair share of cold! Because of this, a superior, well-maintained furnace system is critical to your comfort! And to meet your needs for top performance, the HVAC experts at Greens Energy Services provide top-tier maintenance services aimed at bringing you the very best.

Our certified professionals have been providing Orlando homeowners with superior service and quality for over half a century, and we always put your comfort first! Our team has the skill, experience, and knowledge needed to assure that you get the absolute most of your heating system, providing peerless maintenance services that optimize your system’s efficiency, and extends its lifespan.

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Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Think for a moment about hard work we do as people or that your car does on a daily basis. This work is doable, and we’re happy to keep it up, but it takes a toll. To keep working at our best, we maintain ourselves and our tools to get the most out of our efforts. And your furnace is no different! Your furnace system works hard to meet your needs, but without proper maintenance, it will begin to wear out, performing poorly and eventually breaking down completely if proper care is ignored for too long.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Ideally, a furnace system should be serviced annually in order to keep up with general use and wear. However, sometimes it slips our minds, or we just don’t schedule our Orlando furnace maintenance when we should. When this happens, your system may begin to exhibit signs of stress or wear.

If you notice any of the following, you know that it’s time to schedule service:

  • Declines in heating effectiveness and performance. General component wear, dust in the system, and loose electrical connections can all result in a furnace that cannot quite heat as it should. If you’ve got cold spots in your home or the furnace runs all the time without pause, it’s time to schedule heating maintenance.
  • Higher than normal energy or fuel costs. A neglected furnace might run longer or run harder in order to compensate for system issues, resulting in much higher energy consumption. A tune-up can help!
  • Frequent breakdowns or furnace repairs. A furnace that doesn’t receive the annual care it needs is far more likely to fail due to overheating and component breaks, resulting in a lot of unplanned costs. If you want to pay less and get more, sign on for an annual maintenance program!
  • Excessive dust or odors in your home. Your furnace and the rest of your HVAC system are responsible for the majority of air movement in your home. We generate a lot of dust in our day-to-day, and a lot of that can wind up in your ducts and within the system’s working components. Get enough dust piled up and it’ll start blowing into your home en masse.

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Furnace Maintenance in Central Florida

At Greens Energy Services, our commitment is to bringing you the absolute best heating services and solutions possible. Our maintenance services bring you a cost-effective and easy solution to meeting your system’s need for routine care! With our experts, your maintenance service includes:

  • A comprehensive check of your heating system’s components and systems
  • A thorough cleaning of all interior and exterior parts
  • Thermostat checks to ensure accuracy and function
  • Tightening and inspections of electrical connections
  • Lubrication for relevant moving parts
  • And much more!

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The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Many factors can impact the overall effectiveness and functionality of your furnace system. The buildup of dirt and dust can choke air flow, loose components can cause severe damage, and everything can impact the energy efficiency of your furnace system! But routine care means more than just avoiding issues; it brings a lot of benefits as well, including:

  • Better energy efficiency. When your system is cared for properly, it will retain its optimal energy consumption levels. This means it will do its job quickly, do it well, and do it at less cost! To reduce your monthly heating costs, nothing works better than routine maintenance.
  • Less frequent repairs. Component failure and general dirt and grime are some of the leading causes of furnace breakdowns; all issues that are addressed with routine maintenance! When you’re getting proper annual care, you’re getting the surety that your system can meet your needs, when you need it most.
  • Better air quality. Your furnace tends to collect a ton of dust, pollen, and detritus as the months wear on. Much of this gets clogged up in your furnace system, reducing efficiency and potentially triggering a breakdown. But just as much of it gets circulated throughout the home, reducing air quality!
  • Long furnace system lifespans. A well-cared-for system is far more likely to hit that 15- to 20-year lifespan. Without maintenance, you’ll be looking at a furnace replacement much sooner than that!

Heating System Maintenance in the Orlando Area

When the cold weather arrives, you need a warm and cozy house you can escape to. For heating system maintenance in the Orlando area, you need the heating experts at Greens Energy Services. When you want your furnace tune-up handled correctly, you need a professional HVAC company that knows the ins and out of heating systems. Why risk compromising your comfort by entrusting your heating system service to anyone else?

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