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Packaged Heating & Cooling Systems

If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling option for your Orlando-area home or business, consider what a packaged HVAC system has to offer. This solution combines multiple components into a single unit that sits outside or on the roof. It provides everything you need to stay comfortable all year-round.

Greens Energy Services is pleased to install packaged heating and cooling systems, among other HVAC products, to ensure home comfort no matter what the weather is doing. Top picks from brands like Carrier, Amana, and others ensure excellent performance and system longevity.

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Types of Packaged Heating & Cooling Systems

A few operating configurations are available:

  • Packaged air conditioners run solely on electricity. The compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and air handler are housed in a single-boxed cabinet. The primary function of packaged ACs is to cool, but heat strips found in some units also provide limited heating. This may be all you need to stay warm in Florida’s humid subtropical climate.
  • Packaged heat pumps use the same technology as air conditioners to cool your home in the summer. Then, they run in reverse to heat your home efficiently with electricity in the winter.
  • Packaged gas-electric systems are a combination air conditioner and gas-fired furnace. All the heating and cooling components of a split-system AC and furnace are present in a single-boxed cabinet.
  • Packaged dual-fuel systems combine a heat pump with a gas-fired furnace in a single unit. The heat pump portion heats and cools most of the time, but the gas-fired furnace kicks on to provide efficient, supplementary heat during the coldest weather.

For help deciding which packaged system is best for your Orlando-area home or business, please call Greens Energy at 407-917-3759.

Benefits of Packaged HVAC Units

Could a packaged heating and cooling system be right for you? Consider the benefits:

  • Space savings: Unlike split systems that feature indoor and outdoor components, packaged units are located entirely outside. They can even be installed on the roof, where they are out of the way and take up no valuable space on your property.
  • Energy-efficient performance: Two-stage blowers, multi-stage compressors, and other premium features offer the most precise temperature control for consistent, year-round comfort. Expect your packaged system to meet or exceed EPA efficiency standards, with 13 SEER or higher cooling performance and 80 AFUE or higher heating performance.
  • Ease of maintenance: With all the HVAC components housed in one unit, tune-ups are often faster, easier, and less costly to perform.
  • Low sound levels: Packaged units are designed with sound blankets, compressor isolation grommets, quiet motor mounts, and aerodynamic tops to keep the noise level down during operation. Rooftop installation deadens the sound even further.

To learn more about the benefits of packaged heating and cooling, please contact us today.

Why Choose Greens Energy for HVAC Services in the Orlando Area?

We have been committed to providing excellent customer service since our company’s founding in 1953. Our mission is not only to offer leading HVAC services to our Orlando-area clients, but to supply the best heating and cooling equipment as well! We make a diverse array of HVAC solutions available to ensure the ideal performance and comfort level in any Florida home or business. Whether you decide a packaged unit is right for you or you want to explore your other options, we’re here to help.

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