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Ductless Air Conditioning Sales & Service in Jacksonville, FL

You’re concerned about ways to promote sustainability for our planet. You’re not alone.

But you’re probably more troubled about rising energy costs. Everyone is. That’s why residential and commercial property owners are seeking more efficient, cost-effective solutions to heating and cooling.

Ductless air conditioning is an affordable choice for Floridians. It’s often installed in new homes, but can be an upgrade to any property of any size or age:

  • Energy savings – Ductwork is one of the most common sources of residential and commercial property energy loss. Ductless AC units can reduce both monthly cooling expenses and energy use.
  • Historic homes – Some of our stately, older Florida homes were built pre-central air conditioning. Installing a ductwork system in these homes is complicated and expensive. Ductless AC is a great cooling solution for high ceilings and older architecture.
  • Small spaces – In Jacksonville, apartments, condos, and smaller housing (particularly single-story, starter, and aging-in-place homes) often don’t have the space needed for a large HVAC system or its ductwork.
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What Is Ductless AC?

Ductless AC is a zone-targeting cooling system. The main unit stays outside, and indoor units can be mounted on ceilings, floors, and upper walls. Multi-split systems allow you to set temperatures for more than one room/zone.

Advantages of Ductless AC

Florida has the warmest winters in the continental United States, so we don’t exactly need a lot of heating options. Central air conditioners are paired with furnaces, and the systems themselves – not including ductwork – take up a lot of space. It’s more than we need in Jacksonville.

Ductless AC benefits include:

  • Different temperatures for different rooms – You won’t be cooling every room in the house when all you need are comfortable bedroom and living room temperatures.
  • Easy installation – After determining the locations where ductless units will best serve your needs, your certified, local HVAC professional can install them quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexible locations – Zone cooling units can be installed where you need them.
  • Indoor air quality – The cleanliness of your indoor air is affected by dirt and bacteria buildup in ductwork. Frequent filter changes and professional duct cleaning are necessary with traditional central air systems, but not with ductless AC. You’ll get fresher, healthier air with fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Visually pleasing – Let’s face it, window air conditioners are unattractive, inside and out. You’ll appreciate the subtle design of ductless AC units. They will blend into any décor and operate whisper-quietly.
  • Warm air if needed – Ductless systems can have reversible heat pumps that move warm air directionally.

2020 Federal Energy Credits

Tax credits for business and residential energy-saving upgrades have been extended through December 31, 2020. Your ductless AC investment will increase the value of your property, plus you’ll realize savings almost immediately. (It’s also retroactive, so if you made energy-saving upgrades in 2018-2019, they are now eligible for a tax rebate.)

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Our ductless AC services include:

Let’s partner to keep your home or business climate-comfortable with an energy-efficient ductless AC system. It’s an investment in your property and quality of life you’ll be glad you made.

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