OUC Rebate for Central Florida Residents

Home repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and renovations are all part of owning your own home, and while considered an investment, can have a huge impact on your budget. Energy-efficient improvements however, deliver on all fronts, helping to add value to your home, while providing immediate, long lasting savings to help recover your money quickly. Another great way homeowners in the Orlando area can recoup these costs is with an OUC rebate; read on to learn more.

How to Get Started

Applying for a rebate is a simple process, available to all existing OUC customers. Login to MYOUC with the same Username and Password you use to manage your online account, to begin.

Choose Your Home Improvement Project Wisely

Not all home improvements are created equally, with some yielding a greater return on your investment, increasing comfort levels, and improving the energy efficiency of your home, more than others. Three of the best ways to stretch your energy dollars while taking advantage of an OUC Rebate are:

  1. AC Sizing and Insulation Upgrade. A cooling system that is either too large or too small for your home can cause a number of issues including decreased comfort, hot or cold spots, shortened equipment lifespan and unnecessarily high energy bills. The only way to determine proper sizing is with a Manual J calculation, performed by a qualified contractor. During the process, the contractor will determine the heat loss and gain in each room of your home, under peak conditions, taking in to account the square footage and orientation of your home, landscaping, insulation levels, and number of occupants. From there, your AC can be properly sized to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. Installing R30 insulation in your attic can help compensate for a smaller AC unit, and cut down on energy costs. In order to qualify for this $85 OUC Rebate, you must also qualify for either the Duct Repair, or Heat Pump rebate.
  2. Duct Repair and/or Replacement. Leaky, damaged or disconnected ductwork can lead to energy loss and a reduced efficiency of HVAC equipment. A professional inspection of exposed and hidden ductwork is the best way to identify problem areas, so that repairs can be made. To qualify for the available rebate, your existing central air system must be less than 5.5 tons, and ductwork sealed with UL approved duct tape, and/or duct mastic.
  3. Heat Pump Replacement. If your current equipment is greater than 10 years old, needs frequent repairs, or is no longer keeping your home comfortable, consider upgrading to a new, high-efficiency heat pump. Note the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of each unit, keeping in mind that a heat pump with 15 SEER or higher can be as much as 30 percent more efficient than one that is 12 SEER. In order to qualify for the OUC Rebate, your new heat pump must be rated at a minimum of 14 SEER.

HVAC System Installation & Replacement in Central Florida

Whether you need a new air conditioner installation or heating system replacement, you can trust that the skilled specialists at Greens Energy Services will perform the job right the first time, every time. Our goal is to find you the best heating and cooling deals around, which is why we stay up to date with HVAC rebates like the one from OUC.

Contact our heating and cooling specialists today to learn how Greens Energy Services can bring cooling comfort to your home in Central Florida, including Orlando!