How to Store Emergency Fuel in Florida

Keeping your home safe and functional in an emergency essentially always boils down to preparedness. And emergency fuels can play a huge role in this, providing electricity via generators, heating, cooking, and even heavy equipment use if the need arises. But when it comes to storing emergency fuel sources you need to be careful!

Emergency fuels are totally safe when handled properly, but honestly speaking basics like storage are lesser known than you might expect. We’d like to rectify that today and detail the basics of how to store emergency fuel in Orlando and Central Florida.

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Why Store Emergency Fuel?

First off, why do we even want to store fuel at home? Well the easiest answer is all in the name: emergency fuel. If a problem arises any number of things could prevent you from obtaining fuel when you need it. You likely don’t want to wait on a delivery, and the problem is probably widespread—meaning local fuel service companies and gas stations will be swamped, possibly to the point of store depletion.

The Basics of Fuel Storage

You will, of course, want to store fuel according to your needs. If you’re planning on, say, running a portable generator in an emergency and nothing else, then you don’t really need to store a whole ton. However if your heating, home equipment, cooking, and or whole-home generator relies upon a steady supply then you might want something a wee bit more extensive.

Short-Term & Simple Solutions

For smaller fuel needs simple fuel storage plastic containers work fine—the red ones, or in the case of kerosene the containers are blue. These can safely store fuel for a good amount of time, helping you retain access to fuel. Just be sure to:

  • Color-code your fuels so as not to mix
  • Rotate and replace unused fuel yearly (gasoline and kerosene don’t have long shelf lives)
  • For fuel stored in excess of six (6) months be sure to use a fuel additive (nearly any hardware store will carry it, and it’s cheap)
  • Store enough fuel to operate your generator for 3-5 days

Long-Term Stable Storage

The above methods can handle some home needs, but there’s a more thorough and definite option to be had as well. Installed storage tanks can offer you an effective means of storing far larger and more dependable quantities of fuel! If your home depends on a stable amount of fuel in order to operate on a routine basis, you don’t just want a tank—you need a tank.

These installations are ideal for extensive long-term storage and can be maintained by fuel delivery and fuel service specialists, giving you complete access to all of the fuel you need in a time of trouble. Our fuel tank services are only available in the immediate Orlando area.

Emergency Fuel Services in Orange, Osceola & Seminole Counties

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