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Air Conditioner Repair in Central Florida

We come across a lot of air conditioner problems here in Orlando. From simple electrical issues, to outright breakdowns, our experts have seen it all! But out of every issue we encounter, one of the most common has to be air conditioning systems that are blowing warm or hot air. You know, the last thing you want your system doing! Have you been having trouble with this common but upsetting issue? Our experts can help.

Greens Energy Services has been providing superior air conditioner repair and other service to Florida since 1961. Our patrons look to us for superior quality, dependability, and unparalleled service. And we never disappoint! If you’re having some warm air trouble during this warm weather, you probably want some answers. And you know what? We can give you that, too.

What Make an Air Conditioner Blow Warm Air?

Part of why this issue is so common is the sheer number of causes possible. If your system is blowing warm or hot air, there are actually a few possible culprits:

  • Your thermostat is set incorrectly. It sounds silly and honestly it might be a little embarrassing. But before you call in an expert, check to be sure your cooling system is actually turned on, the thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature, and it is set to “cool”. If this was your cause, don’t feel abashed! It happens all the time and for many reasons. Maybe the thermostat was bumped or you’ve got someone playing a prank. Or maybe it just slipped your mind! It happens, and we’d rather you find this cause before you go through the trouble of calling in the cavalry.
  • You’re having air flow problems. To continue providing that high-quality cool air we love so much, your system relies on a certain amount of pressure and air flow to operate properly. Lots of things can restrict it and the end result is always the same—warm air, hot air, or no air at all. Before you pay for an expert opinion, you might check the air filter in your system to be sure it’s been changed recently. And to avoid this issue altogether, be sure you’re getting routine maintenance!
  • You have a refrigerant leak. Leaks are kind of haphazard and in some cases simply inevitable. Bottom line, your system depends on refrigerant to rid your home of hot air and supply it with cool air. Without refrigerant, all you get is an awful little warm breeze.
  • Your AC unit is frozen. When air flow is restricted or refrigerant is low, you can end up with a frozen AC unit. The warm air comes because ice and frost have blocked cool air from traveling across the evaporator coil (its normal job) and instead all you get is the heat generated by the blower motor.
  • You’re experiencing electrical failure. Breaker flips, poor connections, and more—there are a bunch of electrical problems that can leave your system puttering out hot air. These are hard to spot by your average homeowner, so unfortunately you’ll have to rely on a pro to catch this one. And besides, you should leave it to a pro. Electrical components and appliances can be dangerous. Don’t go rooting around in them on your own!

Air Conditioner Repair in Central Florida

Don’t let your family suffer through the muggy Florida heat. When your air conditioner starts giving you trouble, Greens Energy Services is the company to call. Your Florida neighbors have trusted our cooling services for more than 60 years! Whether you need air conditioner repair, replacement, or maintenance, you can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For the best air conditioner repair service in Central Florida, including Orlando, contact us online or call us at 407-917-3759 to schedule an appointment!

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