The Secret to an Efficient Air Conditioning System

The pursuit for greater energy-efficiency is something that is extending into every aspect of modern homes. Efficient lights, efficient use of wastewater, and efficient appliances have all never been bigger! And there’s no real surprise there, since being efficient means … Continued

How Early Should I Schedule AC Maintenance?

In the land of HVAC, you’ll hear (and likely have already heard) time and time again about how important maintenance is. It’s the service responsible for keeping your system in its best condition possible, and one of the most effective … Continued

How to Prep Your AC Unit for Warm Weather

It’s official—things are starting to warm up in earnest in the Orlando area! Our long, odd winter is now coming to a close, and pretty soon you’ll be dusting off your air conditioning system after its hibernation. Need some help … Continued

How to Combat Spring Allergies

The coming of warmer days, outdoor activities, and prime grilling season are all things to be celebrated. But for many of us there’s one big caveat: allergies. Along with all the fun comes the pollen and mold you dread every … Continued

When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

Sometimes it’s a simple loss of efficiency, or perhaps a cold spot or two. Other times it’s much worse—your weird noises, and of course your breakdowns. With all of these potential issues it can be hard to decide when a … Continued

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner This Winter?

During the winter, your air conditioning unit gets a much needed break. Since you’re not relying on your AC unit for comfort, winter is the perfect time to schedule maintenance or decide on replacing your unit. This ensures your air … Continued