Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Purchasing a new air conditioning system for your Orlando home can be quite the adventure. The investment is large, making the whole process feel pretty slippery. You want something strong, something efficient, and something that works best for you—and getting all of these things can be bothersome at the least. But with Greens Energy Services on your side, you don’t have to take on the task alone!

Homeowner’s Air Conditioning Buying Guide

Ideally you’ll be talking to your trusted HVAC professionals to find your absolute best option (nudge, nudge), but today we can tackle some of the basics to help you find your preferred system.

Picking Your HVAC Type

Central Air Conditioners

Central cooling makes up the vast majority of air conditioning used all throughout Florida, and indeed the entire United States. It is readily available, low cost, and exceptionally strong—all good traits for abating the Florida summer sun. Primary benefits include:

  • Sheer power. Central cooling boasts the most “brute force” of any cooling option, but eats up a good deal of energy to do it.
  • Low-cost purchase. The initial purchase and installation of a central system tends to be much lower than other system types.
  • Availability. Nearly any home can be outfitted with central cooling.

Ductless Cooling

Omitting ducts with ductless cooling (mini or multi-split systems) can bring you a considerable number of advantages. The tech is newer, offers higher efficiency standards, and brings you a bunch of unique perks that include:

  • Zoning. With a multi-split system in place you can cool each area of your home independently, aiding in energy savings and precision comfort.
  • Cooling augments. Ductless can act as a standalone or in augment to existing cooling for home additions or larger home that need additional cooling power.
  • No ducts. This both avoids the cost of duct installation and also frees up space in your home/is available for homes that cannot support duct systems.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are a versatile, energy-efficient option that can help you get superior cooling power in the summer, and even great heating come wintertime. Countless homeowners in Orlando have made the change to heat pumps to gain:

  • Versatile HVAC service. Heat pumps are reliable for home heating and home cooling, offering a great year-round comfort service.
  • Higher efficiency ratings. Heat pumps feature efficiency ratings a cut well above central and even ductless cooling systems, meaning the same comfort, at less cost.

Orlando Air Conditioning Installation

Ready to learn a bit more about your ideal installation option? Our specialists can help guide you through the process, assisting you in choosing the perfect HVAC option to meet your unique needs. Contact Greens online today!