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Determining the Cause of AC Trouble

In Central Florida, we tend to cling to our cooling systems like they’re a life support system. And in many ways, they are. It gets hot out here and we need reliable cooling systems to keep from going nuts and melting into puddles! So when your air conditioner starts making odd sounds, it can cause a bit of panic. Don’t stress! At Greens Energy Services, our certified HVAC specialists have the answers you need.

We’ve been providing superior, high-quality air conditioner repair for our Florida patrons for years. When your cooling system starts going bump in the night, you can count on our experts to be there, bringing the cool comfort you require to function even on the hottest nights.

Common Air Conditioner Sounds & What They Mean

An air conditioner making sounds other than the soothing whoosh of cool air almost definitely needs repair. If you notice an odd sound, contact us right away! But which sound your system is making can determine the source of your problem. Let’s go over the usual suspects:

  • Clanking and banging. Loud, frequent clanks and clunks are almost always a component that become damaged or is loose. This is probably the worst sound you can hear—if you have a loose part it may bang around and do a lot of damage to your system’s other parts. It’s best to shut off the system right away and call for repair in this situation. It means it’s going to be a little uncomfortable for a bit, but that’s a lot better than needing to replace your entire system!
  • Squeals or squeaking. This can usually be one of two things: an old or damaged belt or poorly lubricated parts. Both problems are a fairly quick fix in the hands of an expert, but they also require some immediate care. Without it, you might be looking at the problem we stated above. Poor lubrication on the proper parts can lead to breaks and loose parts, while a worn belt will snap if left alone for too long.
  • Whistling sounds. If you hear this, you’re probably pretty close to an air vent. Whistling happens when your system is experiencing poor air flow and the stress is making your system operate poorly. This air flow problem can mean the return air flow is constricted, which produces a whistle. To be sure the problem isn’t on your end, you might check your air filter and check to see if some dampers have been closed to other events throughout the house. If these aren’t the cause, you’re going to need an expert.
  • Rapid clicks. You’ll notice this sound on a normal basis. It’s the sound that your system makes when it kicks on and off. But if the clicking is rapid or goes on for a long while, you’ve probably got an electrical problem that is making your system cycle rapidly. This can be really bad for your system, of course, and you’re likely not getting the cooling you need if you’re hearing this either.

Air Conditioner Repair in Central Florida

Don’t let your family suffer through the muggy Florida heat. When your air conditioner starts giving you trouble, Greens Energy Services is the company to call. Your Florida neighbors have trusted our cooling services for more than 60 years! Whether you need air conditioner repair, replacement, or maintenance, you can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For the best air conditioner repair service in Central Florida, including Orlando, contact us online or call us at 407-917-3759 to schedule an appointment!

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