6 Benefits of Scheduling an AC Tune-Up in Orlando

The Florida air may still be a bit crisp, but the year is rolling along at a quick pace. Soon you’ll be swapping from that furnace to your trusted air conditioning system. Is it ready to take on the coming season? Our experts recommend getting your AC maintenance now, and to hammer home the point we’re here today to clue you in on the six biggest perks of pre-season maintenance!

The 6 Biggest Advantages of an AC Tune-Up

When you schedule an AC tune-up with Greens Energy Services, you’ll get:

  1. Lower cooling costs. Our summers are hot and then some. In fact, hot often seems like too weak a word! And while your AC can tackle the issue pretty well, it tends to eat up some cash in the process. A tune-up streamlines your system and optimizes it so that it can do it’s job better, and more easily, which directly translates to far lower cooling costs.
  2. More comfort. What use is an ac that can’t keep you cool? Our summers are challenging even for the most modern of systems, and if you’re going to get a cool you can rely on routinely, you need your system in its best shape possible. Our professionals can make sure all is well and working its best, helping you to stay comfortable in the face of the worst Florida heat waves.
  3. Less risks of a breakdown. When you kick on your system this summer (or spring, as these things often go), do you know for certain that it’s going to start up without a fuss? Do you know if it’s going to operate properly and at its best all season? If not, you don’t have the surety a maintenance visit provides! A professional tune-up includes a complete inspection, allowing our team to identify and rectify potential problems long before they cause any trouble.
  4. Less costly repairs. In the event that you do actually need repairs, they’re likely to be a lot less expensive if you’ve been getting maintenance. Why? Because the most costly problems (part failure, air flow problems, etc) are addressed during a tune-up, keeping them in check and avoiding these costly breakdown problems.
  5. A dependable system. Want your HVAC system to stay reliable and strong for years to come? If so, you need to get maintenance. By ensuring all is well on a routine basis you extend the lifespan of your air conditioner by years. Without maintenance, well, you might get a couple of good years.
  6. Better air quality. Your air conditioner has been sitting idle for months now, and in that time a lot of gunk, grime, dust, and debris has moved in. All of this junk is going to right into the air in your home if it’s not dealt with, which can kill your air quality and make those allergies hit that much harder! For clean, fresh spring and summer air, go for routine maintenance!

AC Maintenance Services in Central Florida

Ready to schedule your seasonal maintenance service? Contact the certified HVAC team at Greens Energy Services online today! We’re Florida’s number one in air conditioner care and repair, and we stand ready to provide the best in service and quality any time you need it!