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The Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats aren’t just new gadgets for modern smart homes — they are an integral part of an efficient HVAC system. These devices allow you to reduce heating and cooling costs by giving you total control over your home’s environment. They can be a great addition to any home and cooling system in the Orlando area, and we can help you pick out the perfect fit!

How a Smart Thermostat Helps Save Energy

Keeping your heating and cooling systems running at full power while you are not there is costly and unnecessary. Modern heating and air conditioning systems can adjust the temperature in a home relatively quickly, so it makes sense to turn the systems down while you are away from home. By dropping the temperature 5 to 10 degrees in the winter or raising it the 5 to 10 degrees in the summer, you can cut your energy usage dramatically.

A smart thermostat makes this process easy and automatic. It will adjust the temperature when you leave, reducing your energy usage, then it will return it to normal shortly before you arrive home, keeping your utility costs low without sacrificing your comfort.

Unlike traditional programable thermostats, today’s smart thermostats are easy to set up and adjust according to your needs. This means that you’ll get more out of your system and see much better energy savings. Almost all smart thermostats offer connections to your smartphone and computer, so that you can quickly access your heating and cooling for your entire home. Smart thermostats can also learn about what makes you most comfortable. These devices can learn from your adjustments, and soon they can make the adjustments for you! Together, these features add up to virtually effortless energy savings.

Other Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Beyond energy savings, smart thermostats offer many other innovative features, depending on the model, such as:

  • Live weather data – Some thermostats retrieve live weather data to not only help you plan your day but also adjust the HVAC system to suit current weather conditions.
  • HVAC reports – Many smart thermostats can collect and display data about your HVAC system in convenient reports that feature statistics like run time, temperature history, energy usage, and more.
  • HVAC alerts – If you are away from home and your HVAC system detects a problem, such as abnormally high temperatures, a system malfunction, or signals from connected smart devices, it can send alerts to your mobile phone.
  • Smart home integration – By interfacing with other smart home devices, your thermostat can use data from devices like motion sensors or cameras to adjust HVAC parameters, and it can be controlled with devices like voice-activated AI assistants.

A smart thermostat can be a great upgrade for any home, and there are models available that are compatible with most common HVAC equipment.

Smart Thermostat Installations in Orlando, FL

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill at the end of the month, especially during the sweltering heat of summer. Installing a smart thermostat can do just that, and Greens Energy Services is ready to help! Our experts can help you select the best model for your HVAC system, and we can provide a clean, safe, and professional smart thermostat installation. Since 1953, we have been providing customers in Orlando and the surrounding areas with innovative heating, air conditioning, and home energy solutions. We are committed to your comfort, and we provide superior service on every job.

Call Greens Energy Services today at 407-917-3759 or contact us online to schedule a smart thermostat installation in the Orlando area!

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