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What’s the Best Way to Heat My Orlando Home?

It’s at this time that many homeowners might be finding their old heating systems to be a bit lacking, and maybe you’ve started thinking about looking for a superior solution. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Follow along with the HVAC experts at Greens Energy Services detail our top picks for perfect home heating in Orlando.

Looking for the ideal heating solution for your Orlando, Florida area home? Contact the NATE certified professionals at Greens Energy Services to learn about our heating replacement options!

Heating Options for Florida Homeowners

There are many, many HVAC options on the market today. And while the “faithful” option of an electric furnace can do you a lot of good, especially with modern electric furnace installation, there are loads of other heating systems out there that might provide you with a little more.

These two are our top 2017 winter picks for home heating:

Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems have rapidly become one of the most popular solutions out there for home heating. But why? They aren’t exactly new technology, so what makes them so special? Well, for starters:

  • They boast superior energy-efficiency. Very little on the market today even rivals a heat pump in sheer energy-efficiency. They utilize fuel sources flawlessly and provide your home with reliable, effective heating at a very comfortable price per month.
  • They’re environmentally friendly. Green heating and cooling has become a really big deal these days. Going green brings you loads of benefits and even helps protect our land for our future generations.
  • They are exceptionally versatile. Solid, effective heating in the winter is a really good reason to go in for a heat pump. But they’re a great option come summer, too! Heat pumps work both ways, cooling your home or heating as you need. This makes them  remarkably reliable system all year round.

Furnace Systems

Not sure if a heat pump is right for you? Consider installing a furnace. This is a great heating option because:

  • They are energy-efficient. HVAC technology advances rapidly every single year, meaning you have the opportunity to get a stronger, better furnace, guaranteed! New furnaces can operate at double, even triple the efficiency of older units, saving you loads on monthly heating costs.
  • They offer improved comfort. Newer may not always be better for some things, but it’s absolutely always better in the world of furnaces and heating systems! Manufacturers put a prime importance on comfort, versatility, and additional perks. This means new system are guaranteed to aid you in optimizing your comfort all season long.
  • They reduce the risks of breakdowns and costly repairs. Older systems are far more likely to break down. It’s simply a product of age. And while routine maintenance can abate the risks of a breakdown considerably, eventually there will come a time when a replacement or new installation is your smartest and most cost-effective option. Stressing about your clunky old system? Get a more dependable option with a furnace from Greens!

Heating Services in Orlando, FL

Think one of our two top picks sounds like the perfect heating replacement for your home? If so, we’re happy to provide! Our superiorly trained and experienced team stands at the ready to assist, so contact us online to learn more today!

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