6 Cost-Saving Heating Tips for Florida Winters

A winter in Florida is all about trying to stay comfortable. Our weather can be exceptionally temperamental, and it’s hard to find a real perfect balance. One thing we all know for sure—you need a reliable, effective heating system to stave off our cold spells.

Only there’s one big problem with that. Heating eats energy, and you can soon find yourself digging deeper and deeper into your wallet. Looking for ways to keep comfort high and costs low? The team at Greens Energy Services is here to help!

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Cost-Saving Heating Tips & Tricks

Use these tips, and you’ll soon see those monthly bills dipping down to much more acceptable levels:

  1. Get your ducts checked. The ductwork of many to most homes is actually very flawed. Over the years, your initial ductwork installation has likely taken damage, or seals have weakened or come loose. These gaps and leaky spots allow for tons of heat loss, which can not only make your feel less comfortable, but it makes your furnace compensate even more and work far harder than it needs to.
  2. Seal up gaps and weak points. Check the weatherstripping on your windows and doors. If it hasn’t had any attention since you purchased them, they’ll likely be weakened and worn out. This can account for letting a lot of cold in and a lot of heat out. These are easily remedied even by an inexperienced homeowner, and weatherstripping supplies come cheap at your local hardware store.
  3. Schedule HVAC maintenance. Routine, professional HVAC care ensures your heating system is working optimally. With maintenance services, you can expect to see considerable savings, and you won’t run the risk of an untimely mid-season breakdown!
  4. Turn on your fans and turn down your furnace. Ceiling fans can be switched to rotate in one of two ways. When rotating clockwise, a ceiling fan will pull cool air up and force warmer air (which naturally rise) back down. This means you can turn that furnace down a degree or two and still feel cozy, which can reduce your system’s energy consumption by ten, or even twenty percent!
  5. Consider a thermostat upgrade. Programmable thermostats are not only convenient. They are also very, very consistent, which is a big deal when it comes to HVAC. When your system is following a program, it will maintain temperatures much more effectively. In addition, a Wi-Fi capable thermostat will let you shut off your system remotely, should you find yourself away from home for extended periods of time.
  6. Open your vents. Are you one of those folks who shut floor vents in unused rooms? Don’t be that person! It actually hurts far more than it helps, as closing vents alters the natural air flow of your HVAC system. This will result in the system attempting to compensate for the constricted flow, which makes it expend even more energy to get its heating job done.

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