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DIY Furnace Tune-Ups

If you’re like many homeowners in the Orlando area, you’re always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, increase your comfort, and reduce costly risks. And to meet all of those needs at once, the certified HVAC team at Greens Energy Services has just the thing!

You probably already know that professional maintenance is a key part of keeping your heating system in top shape. But there are some DIY-style maintenance tasks you should be doing on your own, too! Keeping up with these easy but critical tasks can ensure you’ll have all the comfort you need to get through this season, and at a fraction of the cost.

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DIY Furnace Care

If you’re worried that we’re going to peddle off “just replace your system!” or some other costly service or product, you can breathe easy. These tasks are quick, simple, and cost virtually nothing at all! Be sure to keep up with your system by:

  • Removing dust and debris. Dust and other nasty particles tend to hub up around your furnace and ducts. And left alone, most of the time this is all going to wind up in the inner workings of your system, which can rapidly reduce efficiency, create air flow problems, and even presents a fire hazard! To keep your home safe and more comfortable, dust and sweep near your furnace or heat pump system on a routine basis.
  • Replacing your air filter when necessary. Keeping up with your filter might very well be the single most important thing you can do. Air filters govern the air flow of your system and are the biggest factor in keeping your system and ducts clean and clear. It’s hard to give a best time to replace an air filter, but generally speaking you should replace right before you start using your furnace for the season, and then keep an eye on it on a monthly basis from then on out.
  • Keeping your external unit safe and clean. There are two major points to bring up here. One, be sure to trim back any hanging branches that might be precariously dangling over your outdoor unit (or roof!). When a cold or stormy night hits, these branches can come loose and do a lot of damage to your HVAC system. And two, be sure to clear any leaves or grass that might have piled into your outdoor unit over the summer. These can kill air flow in a hurry and make it harder for your system to do its job.
  • Doing visual inspections. Every single month you should check over your HVAC system for signs of damage. Cracks, dents, blinking lights, loose connections—finding any of these early enough can save you huge on repair costs and ensure you rarely if ever experience a breakdown!

Schedule Routine Maintenance in Central Florida

Everything on this list can save you on heating costs, and help your system stay healthy. But nothing at all can replace the importance of professional care! Homeowner HVAC care should be seen as a supplement, not a replacement for service from specialists. Have you set an appointment for your professional maintenance service with Greens? If not, now is the time!

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