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Do Air Conditioners Dry Out Your Home?

Air conditioners make up a vital part of our day to day life during the summer and spring months. We deal with heaps of heat that never seem to quit! But do air conditioning systems running at all hours have a potential drawback? Is your Central Florida air conditioner responsible for making your home all dry and dusty? Follow along with the experts at Greens Energy Services to find out!

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Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

The simple answer here would be yes, and if that’s enough for you then you can move on ahead! But the answer is actually a wee bit more complex than that. Air conditioners do in fact dehumidify to a degree, but this isn’t really a primary function. It is, in fact, simply a byproduct of how an air conditioner operates.

AC units typically (nearly all but evaporative coolers) operate by drawing warm air inside the home into the unit, where the air is processed, hot air is removed, and cooler air is blown in. Overall the process is pretty quick, and this rapid change in temperature tends to extract moisture present in indoor air. This does dehumidify a portion of the air in your home, however it’s not common for a system to dehumidify to the extent of completely drying out your home—especially around here, where humidity can be quite high.

So Why Is My Orlando Home So Dry?

This can happen for two common reasons, both of which actually can indeed be the air conditioner’s “fault.” These are:

  • The air conditioner is working too hard. During our rougher heat waves it is possible that your cooling system could run for hours upon hours at a time. When this happens it is actually quite possible for the unit to sap nearly all of the moisture from your home—even to the extent where it makes the home quite uncomfortable.
  • The AC is the wrong size for your home. This is a less common problem, but it does happen. If the unit is too large for your home it could be moving too much air all at once, which could eat up all of the healthy humidity in your space.

Solve Your Problems with Humidifier Systems

The second problem we listed there is a very unfortunate one, since you won’t really be finding a solution outside of an air conditioner replacement. However the first issue is (mercifully) the far more common one, and there’s a really easy solution for this. If you’re dealing with a dry home that kicks up your allergies, dries out your skin, and causes other annoyances and complications, we would recommend a whole-home humidifier!

Humidifier systems install directly into your duct system and work to regulate humidity in the home, adding just enough to keep things healthy and comfortable. Best of all, they’re awesome for all seasons, helping to keep that nice, even humidity range in the winter as well, when the furnace in your home is absolutely draining all of the moisture from your air.

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Eliminating impurities that contaminate your indoor air does wonders for the health of your loved ones, employees, and customers. Take advantage of our air quality expertise and let us help you breathe easier than ever before. Your Florida neighbors have trusted Greens Energy Services for indoor air quality solutions for more than 60 years. Our team will work tirelessly until you are satisfied with the air quality in your home.

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