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The Secret to an Efficient Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning efficiency is top of mind for every homeowner these days, especially during the hottest months of the year. You might already have efficient appliances in your kitchen or bathroom, and you probably have lots of efficient lightbulbs throughout your house. But if your HVAC system isn’t efficient, you could be right back to square one.

On average, home heating and cooling accounts for 40-50% of all of the energy used in your home. That’s a giant portion of your energy bill at the end of the month, and it can become even greater when it’s fighting +100 degree summer days. So how do you make your air conditioner efficient, save money, and save energy? The experts at Greens Energy Services are here to tell you.

How Your HVAC Contractor Can Make Your HVAC System Efficient

It’s no secret, routine air conditioning and heating maintenance is a major component to keeping your HVAC system running strong for many years. But did you know that it also is a crucial component of the system’s efficiency? Many homeowners opt out of this service, thinking that they will deal with a problem when it occurs, or that they won’t have any problems because their system is new or top of the line  What they don’t realize is that they could be spending hundreds of extra dollars every month because of inefficiencies caused by lack of regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are the first steps to an efficient system. You get more efficiency through:

  • Minimizing grime and maximizing air flow. Clean, healthy air flow means your system delivers air quickly and effectively, enabling it to get the job done quicker. Less work, less energy used.
  • Reducing component wear and work. When components are in good health and well-lubricated, they also assist in easing the workload, making certain your system is as streamlined as can be.
  • Keeping electrical systems effective. Weak electrical connections and wiring issues can lead to short-cycling, which is hands down one of the most expensive things your AC or furnace can start doing.

For an even bigger boost in efficiency, ask a Greens technician about the benefits of a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat!

Additional Secret Weapons

Or in other words, HVAC tips that actually work. You see tons of “efficiency tips” out there that, to be honest, don’t do bunk. But these have been extensively tested and shown to work:

  • Managing your thermostat. Every degree your system has to work for represents around a 10% increase in energy use. If you’re comfortable at 70, but keep the system at 68 for “good measure,” you’re missing out on some serious savings.
  • Caring for vents. Vents should always stay open to keep pressure correct, and they should be uncovered and clear of dust and debris.
  • Minding what’s near the thermostat. Avoid placing heat-generating objects anywhere near a thermostat. Even a light bulb in the wrong place can heat up the air sufficiently to trick a thermostat, telling it that your home is far hotter than it is (and thus keeping the air on longer than necessary by a lot).

Optimize HVAC Efficiency in Orlando with Greens Energy Services

If you are paying too much on your energy bills, contact Greens today, you can count on our tune-up and optimization pros to get the job done right! Just contact us online now to learn more about what you stand to save with Greens on your side. 

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