Should I Install a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner in Florida?

The cool air may not be all gone just yet, but spring is certainly well on its way. When the heat wave hits you know as well as we do that it’s going to come back in a hurry, so you might be in the market for a new cooling system. Only, there’s a problem. You’ve got tons of choices! Wondering if a central cooling system or a heat pump will serve you better? If so, our team here at Greens Energy Services can help.

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Is There Such Thing as a Bad Cooling System?

The good news is we can say, without even a hint of salesman smarm, that there is no “bad” choice. If a cooling system couldn’t do its job right, it wouldn’t survive in our current market, simple as that. So no matter what you choose, you are going to be getting quality cooling.

A Quick Analysis: Heat Pumps vs. Central Cooling

Comparing Cost

It’s not exactly a cut and dry topic here, but there are some important ways in which these two systems differ:

A central cooling system, also commonly just known as an “air conditioner” tends to be low on the cost spectrum when you’re actually buying and installing. This makes it a popular choice for homeowners on an immediate budget, however…

Heat pumps cost less to operate over time. They boast considerably more energy-efficiency, and overall have an easier time doing their job, which factors out as a lower cost of operation.

So basically, a central system is less to purchase, but more to operate, while a heat pump is the opposite.

Comparing Power

In terms of raw cooling strength, either of these two are going to get the job done. But, they differ here a bit, too.

Central cooling is very heavy on energy use, but in response to that it is also a high-power machine. They put out some serious cooling, and do so in a hurry, which can be a blessing for our summer seasons.

A heat pump installation is also going to get your home cool, but where its strength really lies in its ability to efficiently dehumidify your home. Both systems do this, but a heat pump just does it better.

Comparing Reliability

So, how long do these last? When you’re talking about cost, longevity is a big deal, and a cooling system is quite the investment. Well, no matter which you choose the results are going to be about the same. Assuming you’re getting routine maintenance, a central system and a heat pump both can be expected to last around fifteen years or so.

One more not so small thing in a heat pump’s favor is its ability to both cool and heat your home. This means they’re not just good at blocking the summer sun, but can keep you cozy in the winter, too!

Superior Cooling Services in Orlando, Florida

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