How Does an Air Purifier Work?

In light of recent and ongoing studies into home air quality, installing IAQ products in Orlando homes has become a very commonplace practice. Filtration systems, purifiers, HEPA vacuums—many things have surfaced to take up the task. But today we would like to focus on purifiers, and how they help you get the clean, allergen-free air you’re looking for!

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How Does an Air Purifier Work?

The question seems simple, but in reality it’s actually a really loaded one. You see there are loads of air purification systems out there, many of which use totally different technology and all of which fall under the umbrella term purifier. Each and every type is actually quite complex and takes a good bit of science, so instead let’s rather focus on what an air purifier achieves.

So What Is the Goal of Air Purification?

Purifiers, unlike filtration systems, seek to eradicate, disinfect, and remove harmful particles in home air. The entire goal focuses around killing bacteria and mold, and catching other foul allergens from our air and eliminating them completely. This is achieved in a variety of ways, most pertaining to ionization, electromagnetics, UV light, oxidizing, or a combination of the processes to achieve the desired results.

Filtration, on the other hand, typically catches particles in a filtration system that is then routinely cleaned of harmful particles. Both system types, purifiers and filters, have merit. In fact both kind of address different problems. With filters you get dust, mold, allergen removal, while with a purifier you get bacteria removal, mold removal, odor removal, etc.

Are There Problems with Air Purifiers?

In the past, there were problems with them, and there still are in some cases. Some processes have been shown to be incomplete or flawed, and the associated products have since been debunked and removed from the market (in most cases—always research for quality products!).

Also there’s the problem of many products producing ozone, which can be harmful to health in large enough doses. Most popular, top-quality products feature methods of depleting or removing the ozone, however, so in the best products it’s not nearly as much of a concern.

Then there’s the problem of filtration or purification, which we touched on above.

Why Not Get Both?

You can, and many do. But why not get both in the same product? Sounds perfect, yes? That’s why we offer Air Knight systems! Air Knight, like a few other IAQ products, addresses the benefits of both a purifier and a filtration system. It does this by trapping dust, mold, bacteria, everything in an ion oxide filtration system, and then eliminating them with a UV light designed to destroy most forms of bacteria and nearly all forms of mold and odor.

In addition, the process Air Knight uses actually naturally removes the minute amounts of produced ozone, converting it into harmless hydrogen peroxide, which is actually utilized in its purification process. It’s a safe, effective, all-round air cleaning product that we’re proud to back!

Think an Air Knight system would be the perfect addition to your Orlando home? Contact the certified air quality professionals at Greens to learn more!

Air Knight Installation with Greens Energy Services in Orlando

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