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Guide to Choosing a Florida Heating Contractor

Choosing your HVAC service professional is about a lot more than just dialing a number. A good team is going to be bringing you services for years to come, and you need someone you can trust to bring you dependable, top-class heating service. But when the chilly weather strikes, how do you choose your Florida heating specialist? How do you sort the standard service providers from the best? The team at Greens Energy Services have some guidelines you can use!

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How to Choose an HVAC Service Provider

There are loads of heating professionals out there. Some are excellent, providing all of the service with a smile you could ever need. But a few of them are frankly a bit shoddy at best, shysters at worst. There are a few key factors to look for when choosing, including:

  • Licensing and certification. If you spot a “specialist” that lacks certification and licensing for the state of Florida, they aren’t specialists at all—and you should want no part of their services! Contractors must be licensed in the state they operate for a variety of reasons, so be sure your chosen professionals are up to snuff. Many companies keep certifications readily available online, or if not, a quick phone call inquiry might tell you what you need to know.
  • Insured contractors. An insured contractor protects both you, and the service provider. A team that operates without insurance is hard to trust, as not only did they not bother to get something that is pretty integral to good business, but they can end up sticking you with a lot of problems in the long run. When something goes wrong on the job with an uninsured company, you can be left holding the whole mess all on your own.
  • Positive reviews. Good reviews and testimonials are a big, big part of business these days. Billboards and click ads still have their place, sure. But when it comes down to it, do you want a paid ad to tell you who to choose, or do you want satisfied customers of the business in question to reinforce your decision? This is one of the really big perks of our generation, as testimonials and reviews are really easy to find, either on the company’s site, or on review pages for your local area.
  • Get quotes! Even after checking all of the above off of your list, you might still have trouble picking your professional. There are some really good providers out there, for sure. This is where comparative quotes come in. Find a couple of professionals that stand out to you, and give them a call. Was the call pleasant? Was information freely given, and given in a friendly manner? If so, you probably have a good service provider on your hands!

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