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Do I Need to Insulate My Florida Home’s Attic?

A well-insulated attic can help you stay comfortable and low-cost all year long. But how well does an attic need to be insulated? What constitutes as enough, and can there be too much? Answers to these questions and more are coming your way from the team at Greens Energy Services!

When Do I Need to Add More Insulation?

Well, if you don’t have any at all, then the answer is easy. But for those of us that have insulation, it can be harder to tell. Whether or not you need more is going to depend on a few critical factors:

  • Do you currently have enough?
  • How old is your attic insulation?
  • What kind of insulation are you using?

How do I know if I have enough?

There are a few easy ways to get your answer here. The simplest is to actually go into your attic. Does the current insulation look even, and does it fill all of the spaces it occupies without leaving gaps? If so, you’re probably good. But the best way to get a definitive answer is to hire an insulation professional. Energy audits and similar services will gauge your need, and help you evaluate whether or not adding more insulation is a cost-effective improvement.

How old Is too old?

It’s a bit hard to nail down a definitive rule of thumb, but typically you want to replace insulation if it is a) a decade old or so, or b) if the insulation is damaged or worn. By damaged or worn we typically mean the insulation has sort of “deflated”, begun compacting, or is beginning to sag. If any of these situations are the case in your Orlando home, it’s probably about time to call in a professional.

Is there a best kind of insulation?

Not exactly. Most forms of insulation (batt, blown in, etc) are going to be fairly effective, though blown n carries some unique advantages. The more important factor here is the R-factor of your insulation, which is a sort of industry term that gauges the effectiveness of insulation. You want your insulation to reach an R-value of around 38-49 here in Florida to be effective. Where on that scale you lie depends on your home, and the heating system you use (electric furnaces need more in-home insulation).

Can I have too much insulation?

You sure can! Too much insulation can choke up your home and keep your attic from ventilating properly. Additionally there just hits a point where the cost of adding more is contributing too little benefit to be worth the cost. This is why we recommend an energy audit to get your best answer. Professionals are called professionals for a reason!

Superior Insulation Solutions in Orlando, Florida

Think it may be time to beef up your home’s insulation? If so, our experts can provide the service and quality you deserve! We’ve been handling insulation projects in Orlando, FL for decades, and we can guarantee a perfect product and the perfect service to ensure you get the ideal solution to suit your needs. Contact one of our team members online today to learn more!

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