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Will a Heat Pump Work in Florida?

If you’ve done a bit of research on heat pumps you’ve probably noticed that they’re extremely energy-efficient, versatile, and highly reliable. All great traits! But you might be left wondering if a heat pump system is the right fit for your home, or if they even work well in Florida at all. Want to find out? Follow along and learn from the experts at Greens Energy Services!

Heat Pump Systems in Orlando

First up, do they work? To that question we can give a fast and very confident answer of yes! But understanding what makes them such a good pick is pretty important, and can help you decide if a heat pump system in Florida is the right fit for you.

What Makes Heat Pumps So Great?

Heat pumps are somewhat unique and operate by, well, pumping heat. Much of the confusion and misconceptions around heat pump systems revolves around this fact, since the last thing we want here in Orlando is a system doing anything with heat other than removing it from our homes. But that’s actually what a heat pump (in cooling mode) does!

They bring heat out of the home through the use of refrigerant and mechanical energy—pretty much exactly how a central air conditioner works. That makes them at least as good as a central system. But they offer a lot more than that:

  • High efficiency ratings. Even standard heat pump systems offer efficiency ratings that dwarf other HVAC options.
  • Versatile solutions. A heat pump can cool your home absolutely flawlessly. But come winter they can do plenty of heating, too, and all in a single, neat system.
  • Even distribution. Due to the simple yet elegant operation of a heat pump system they tend to pretty much never give you hot spots in the home (or cold spots in the winter and fall).
  • Longer lifespans. Heat pumps, when properly maintained, will nearly always outlast central cooling systems, and often outlast ductless systems, too.

What Makes a Heat Pump a Good Choice in Florida?

Since a heat pump system cools just as well as a central system they’re pretty much equivalent, right? Not exactly. The important difference is in two big places. One is the efficiency of the system, which helps you to save on cooling costs. And two is kind of the big one. How do you heat your home?

In Florida we tend to get some cold come winter, but not a boatload. This means lots of folks depend on floor strips. Or even worse, portable heating systems. Both of these options can work a bit, but they also both eat up absolute tons of energy, easily blowing up your energy bill by 30% or even more. A heat pump on the other hand can heat your home very well, very efficiently, and at a cost that is a million times more palatable. And that’s pretty much why heat pumps make such a strong choice.

Do you want a system that is efficient, can cool and heat your home, and boasts an above average lifespan? Then you want a heat pump system in your Orlando, FL home!

Heat Pump Services in Orlando, Florida

It’s commonly said that two are better than one—but that’s not always the case. With a heat pump, you can heat and cool your home, keeping your Orlando area home comfortable year-round. At Greens Energy Services, our guiding philosophy is to follow old fashioned ethics and provide innovative solutions. That is why we emphasize excellent customer service in everything we do and how we have earned the distinction of being a Carrier Dealer.

Trust the team at Greens Energy Services to provide the best products, solutions, and services around! Contact us today to learn more about heat pumps, or to make your appointment today.

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