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Install an AC System to Fight Humidity

It’s hot here in Florida this year! But you didn’t need our help figuring that one out. Do you know how and why our local humidity makes it feel hotter? And do you know how a modern air conditioner can help you mitigate the problem? If not, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for!

At Greens Energy Services, we know air conditioning systems front and back. When you need a superior air conditioner installation service, there’s simply none better! Our certified HVAC specialists take great pride in offering you the very best in service and skill, so contact us today!

What Is Humidity?

Simply speaking, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air around you. More specifically speaking, there are two forms of it, though only from a scientific perspective. Relative humidity is the important one, as it is the term we use for humidity that impacts our comfort. Absolute humidity is more for scientific measurement, as it doesn’t take the temperature of the air into account.

How Does Humidity Make You Feel Hotter?

There’s a heck of a science lesson to be had here, but we’ll keep it simple for time’s sake. The human body uses evaporative cooling to maintain optimal temperatures. We sweat, even in tiny amounts, to rid ourselves of excessive heat.

When the air around us is humid, it constricts our ability to cool ourselves, forcing moisture to stay retained within the skin and preventing us from cooling off. This happens because the air is already saturated with water vapor, preventing sweat from evaporating, and keeping us hot, sticky, and sweaty. This is why here in Florida, air conditioners are nearly a must!

How Does My Air Conditioner Reduce Humidity?

As a primary function your air conditioner forces hot air out of the home, replacing it with cooler air as the cycle operates. As a secondary and support function, it also dehumidifies your home, though this function is sort of incidental.

The air collected by your air conditioner as it operates is laden with moisture (relative humidity). The system, in order to continue operating, must rid itself of this moisture. It does so by way of a drain system that moves collected moisture to the outside of your home. This of course removes that humidity permanently, significantly impacting the overall humidity of your home and making you feel much, much cooler.

Maximizing Your Comfort with a New Air Conditioner Installation

There are two reasons why a new system will help you fight against humidity. One, as systems age, they begin to work a lot less effectively and this includes the condensate system. This can leave your home much more humid and your old, worn out system will simply not be able to keep up.

Two, new systems boast better design overall. Not only has technology moved to better support dehumidification, it also is overall much better at it. If you’re having huge humidity problems, a dehumidifier is still your best, but a new air conditioner will have a demonstrable impact.

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Central Florida

Whether you need a new air conditioner installation or an AC replacement, you can trust that the skilled specialists at Greens Energy Services will perform the job right the first time, every time. Our NATE-certified air conditioning technicians have the equipment, expertise, and knowledge to ensure your AC installation is completed quickly, correctly, and according to code. Once your installation is complete, a Greens Energy Services supervisor will conduct a final inspection to make sure the system operates correctly—leaving you will a cool and comfortable home that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come!

Contact our air conditioning specialists today to learn how Greens Energy Services can bring cooling comfort to your home in Central Florida, including Orlando!

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