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Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Summer isn’t on it’s way—it’s practically here already! Been noticing a little lag as you kick your cooling system into gear this season, or is it performing a little less than you’d like? If so, the certified HVAC team at Greens Energy Services has some tips, tricks, and useful ideas you might find a lot of value in!

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Preparing Your Cooling System for the Long Summer

The heat has been picking up plenty already, but it’s only a small cut of what we’ll be getting here in a few weeks. Before the season kicks in in earnest, be sure to:

  • Clean up your outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is where your cooling system gets rid of the heat that mounts in your home. It’s where what you would call “thermal transfer” happens. If the unit and its fins are gunked up, dusty, and covered with grass, this transfer can’t take place as well, directly reducing air flow and overall cooling power. Take a trusty brush and your garden hose and give it a good cleaning for a solid cooling power boost.
  • Change your air filter. The air filter is what keeps air flow even and clean in your HVAC system. A dusty, dirty filter means not only dusty dirty home air, it also means less cooling power, and even potentially some common causes for a break down. Swap out your old filter and continue to do so every month or two at the most during the peak of the season.
  • Consider upgrading your air filter. Do you use the standard fiberglass filter? If so, consider swapping to pleated filters. They do wonders for air quality and also help to optimize air flow (and thus cooling). Just be sure to not get a HEPA filter unless your cooling system was designed to handle one!
  • Learn about (and maybe install) a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats add convenience, which is nice enough. But the real value is in how a programmable system can streamline your air conditioner’s processes throughout the way. This can help to reduce cooling costs, as well as aid in how comfortable your home is overall.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up This Spring in Orlando!

Air filters, clean outdoor units, thermostats—they’re all important, but not a one of them comes even close to how vital routine professional maintenance is. Tune-ups provide a thorough system cleaning, parts checks, electrical optimization, calibration, and even more—all of these making huge differences in how well your cooling system operates, and how much energy it has to eat up to perform properly.

If you want more cooling power at less cost and with no interruptions due to a break down, then professional service is vital! And for even more assurance, protection, and unique perks, we’d urge you to check out our service agreements. Preferred clients get priority care and even discounts on further service!

Pre-Season AC Service with Greens Energy Services

At Greens, we take your comfort needs seriously. Our tune-ups offer precision service that guarantees a more comfortable, less costly summer season in Orlando. Contact us today to set a date for your service, or to learn more about what our tune-ups can do for you!

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