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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner This Winter?

During the winter, your air conditioning unit gets a much-needed break. Since you’re not relying on your AC unit for comfort, winter is the perfect time to schedule maintenance or decide on replacing your unit. This ensures your air conditioning unit will be in peak condition for the next time you need it. At Greens Energy Services, we help our customers navigate the complicated world of HVAC. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the best decisions for your air conditioning unit.

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Keep Your AC Unit’s Age in Mind

Generally, an air conditioning unit that’s been well maintained has an average lifespan of up to 15 years. But we know that in Florida your air conditioning unit has a long, tough job to do. Frequent use can mean repairs are needed more often, and those costs can add up. How do you decide between a simple repair or a total replacement of your air conditioning unit? Well, if your unit is close to 10 years or older, consider the 5,000 rule.

The 5,000 Rule

Take the age of your unit and multiply it by the estimated repair cost. If the number is greater than $5,000, then an air conditioning unit replacement is something you should consider. For example:

  • An AC unit that is eight years old with an estimated $450 repair cost equals 3,600. Repairing the unit is probably your best option.
  • An AC unit that is 12 years old with an estimated $650 repair cost equals 7,800. In this case, replacing the unit altogether is more cost-efficient in the long run.

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What Are Signs I Need Air Conditioner Replacement?

  • It’s inefficient. A more efficient air conditioning unit means you’ll spend less money each month on your energy bill. A good resource is the Home Energy Yardstick, which can help assess the energy efficiency of your home.
  • It breaks down frequently. If you’re calling us every month with a new problem, those repairs can add up. Instead of putting money into a failing unit, investing an air conditioner replacement can save you from a headache down the road.
  • It still uses R-22. Because of environmental concerns, the EPA is phasing out the coolant R-22. By 2020, R-22 will no longer be allowed to be produced or imported, so R-22 supplies may be limited and service costs may rise. All air conditioning units manufactured after 2010 use an alternative, more environmentally friendly coolant instead.
  • Your home isn’t comfortable. Your home should be where you unwind and relax. That’s hard to do if your air conditioner isn’t doing its job! The comfort specialists at Greens Energy Services are trained to ensure your home’s temperature is just the way your family wants it.

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What Are the Benefits of AC Replacement?

With over 60 years of experience providing superior HVAC services, the professionals at Greens Energy Services can expertly handle even your most challenging air conditioning repair needs. However, there comes a point where just because we can repair your AC unit, doing so may not be the best decision. Although the cost of an air conditioning replacement may be higher upfront, the savings on your energy bill and money saved from frequent repairs can offer you a return on your investment in just a few short years. Today’s air conditioning unit technology offers far more energy-efficient and environmentally units than 10-15 years ago. Just think of the flip phone you had in 2008 compared to the smartphone you enjoy now! A newer unit can bring you increased comfort and efficiency and cost you less per month on your energy bill.

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