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Find Out Why Florida Homeowners are Choosing Heat Pumps

Posted On: August 16, 2016

Considering a heat pump for your Orlando home, but not quite sure if they’re the best option? That’s not surprising! As homeowners, we always want the best option to meet our needs. The best comfort, the best efficiency, the best everything. And that’s not a bad thing. You should want it all! But the whole “Which is best?” question is kind of a loaded one.

The experts at Greens Energy Services have been providing dependable, high-quality HVAC services to Florida patrons for over 60 years! When it comes to finding the best system to meet your needs, there’s no better help out there. Wondering if a heat pump installation would suit you best? Let’s find out!

Finding the Right Heat Pump

It’s important to note that there is no overall best heating or cooling system. In fact, there aren’t really any worst ones, either. Unless you count, say, energy-hungry window units and space heaters. But even those have a time and a place.

The better thing to ask is “which is the best option for me?”

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a HVAC system. Your needs are taken into account, as well as the needs of your home. The number of occupants, the square footage of your home, how many floors you have; the list could go on. Is a heat pump a good choice? Definitely. They provide top-tier energy efficiency, they can be used in all seasons and boast exceptionally long lifespans. But is it the right choice for you? Possibly!

The Advantages of a Heat Pump in Florida

One unique and critical point to take into account is that heat pumps, when working optimally, provide efficiency and energy savings superior to most standard furnace and heating types. But, this is only if the heat pump can perform perfectly.

What determines this is actually your region. A heat pump simply doesn’t perform very well in very, very cold climates. But they work exceptionally well in warmer or temperate climates. A heat pump does exactly what its name implies. It pumps heat. Specifically, the heat that can be pulled from outside air.

The good news is Florida weather stays in a heat pump’s perfect range! You’ll almost definitely get a system that can provide for all of your needs, and at an overall lower cost.

Getting a Clearer Answer

You might be wondering when we’re going to give you a clear, easily understood answer. Unfortunately, it’s not really that easy. Is a heat pump system awesome? Yes. Would some other system work better for your home and specific needs? Possibly. The best way to get a clear answer is to work with experts! Seasoned HVAC professionals like the ones here at Greens carry years of accumulated experience and knowledge. We can take your needs and the needs of your home into account and help guide you toward the ideal solution!

Heat Pump Installation in Orlando, FL

Our Florida patrons are always looking for the most effective and energy-efficient options possible to meet their heating and cooling needs. After all, Florida weather can be a bit of a wild card, and we deal with temperature extremes in both directions! So you need a system that is strong, reliable, and can always meet your needs. With Greens Energy Services’ heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair service, you can rest easy knowing your heat pump is ready to operate at peak performance all year.

Trust the team at Greens Energy Services to provide the best products, solutions, and services around! Contact us today to learn more about heat pumps, or to make your appointment today.

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