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Spooky Sounds Your HVAC System Might Be Making

With the 31st of the month creeping steadily up behind you, you’ve probably got your eye out for all kinds of frights and freaky sights (ar at least a prankster or two). What you might not be expecting are some scary or spooky sounds coming from your furnace system. Got some kind of ghost in the furnace, or worried that the bumping you’re hearing in the night might mean a call to your repair services experts in the near future? The expert anti-spooky HVAC experts at Greens Energy Services can help you identify those scary sounds!

Horrendous Furnace Sounds & What They Might Mean

Furnace noises can be really stressful to deal with as far as home problems can go. At the best you’re looking at something very disconcerting, and at the worst you can be looking at some serious work in the near future. However they do have a good…well, goodish side to them. They are all somewhat unique, making the problem easier to nail down. Keep an ear out for these:

  • Screaming and screeching. Okay, if your furnace is screaming you might want to call someone. Someone that isn’t us. But screeching on the other hand we can handle just fine! Screeches and loud wailing noises tend to mean a damaged fan belt or worn out bearings, which are fairly easy and cost-efficient to repair!
  • The rattling of chains. The sound of metal on metal is absolutely bone-chilling, and we’re sad to say this case is no different. If you hear a grinding or rattling noise you have loose or damaged components, and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid larger problems.
  • Harrowing humming. Feel the hair on the back of your neck raising? If so there’s probably a good reason if it’s accompanied by a dull hum or buzz from your furnace. Humming  and buzzing sounds, particularly if they’re persistent, show signs of an electrical issue. Needless to say you’ll want a pro on this one immediately.
  • Someone in the ducts. Hear a banging, popping, or similar sound coming from your ducts? If so you can probably rest easy, since a person in there is somewhat unlikely (not enough space, for one). This issue is actually a common one, and honestly it’s not all that pressing. Usually this is just ducts expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. However if the sound is getting really loud or happening frequently then you should probably get someone to look at it to be safe.

Don’t Get too Scared (Or Too Cold!) This Holiday Season!

The experts at Greens Energy Services wish you a fun and safe holiday! If your furnace starts to act like it’s possessed you can always give our team a call, no matter the time or the day. We can have a service technician on the way and ready to restore your comfort in no time, so be sure to contact us by dialing 407-917-3759 when you need repair!

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