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HVAC Tips for Thanksgiving Celebrations

With the holidays soon upon us, you may be thinking about how to decorate or which dishes to try your hand at making this year. But before you get too lost in planning, the experts at Greens Energy Services would like to bring up one of the few frustrations brought about by the Thanksgiving holiday. No, we’re not talking about in-laws (this time). We’re talking about those huge, obnoxious, and stress-inducing energy costs.

Heating your home and maintaining energy costs can be challenging enough throughout the less eventful parts of the year. Add in hours of cooking appliance use, the door swinging off the hinges, and attempting to keep your home comfortable for five, ten, or even fifteen or twenty people, and suddenly you’re staring a massive utility bill right in the face. But fear not! The experts at Greens Energy have you covered, bringing you some seasonal assistance with our holiday HVAC tips!

Thanksgiving HVAC Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

Mostly, it’s all about being prepared. Putting some good maintenance practices into action can bring you a lot of relief, not only for the holidays, but all year long, too! But for good measure, we’ll throw some fun tips in there you might not have thought about as well:

  • Check your air filter. This will pretty much forever be the first thing most HVAC contractors will tell you if you ask about how to increase the efficiency of your heating system. Good, healthy air flow can cut your costs considerably, and the cooking and traffic associated with the holidays can introduce a lot of foreign particles into your ventilation and heating system. Make sure it’s prepped for it with a fresh air filter, and you’ll be seeing much lower bills.
  • Drop the temp a bit. Every degree your system has to heat increases its power used by anywhere from six to twelve percent. For example, a system set to 71 is using roughly ten percent less energy than one set at 72. With all of those people in your home, it’s going to be a lot warmer than usual as is, so take advantage of the situation and shave some bucks off your bill by setting your heating system just a bit lower.
  • Clean up your vents. When you’re doing that pre-company dusting, add your home’s duct vents to your list. Free and clean vents promote not only higher quality heating and more comfort, but make it easier for your system to do its job, too, which directly results in less energy used.
  • Make a maintenance appointment. Many of you have probably already gotten your seasonal HVAC maintenance service; especially if you’re a member of our maintenance plans. But if you haven’t, your system is working harder than it needs to for less comfort at a higher cost. Professional maintenance is a big deal, and if you skipped it this year, you’ll find it sorely missed when that utility bill rolls in.

HVAC Maintenance and Service with Greens in Orlando

Ready to make up on that missed maintenance? If so, you can trust the experts at Greens to bring you the top-quality care and services you need! Contact our NATE-certified experts today to learn more!

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