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6 Tips to Remove Dust in Your Orlando Home

It aggravates allergies, it smells musty, it gets everywhere, and worst of all, it never really seems to go away. Homeowners know well the frustrations of dust, and we tend to drop boatloads of cash and time into trying to obliterate all traces of it. But what if we told you there was an easier way? There are some simple, fast solutions that the experts at Greens know well, and today we’re here to tell you the what and how!

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How to Reduce & Remove Dust in Your Orlando, FL Home

There are loads of ways to remove dust, really. Tons of stuff generates or contributes to generating it, and keeping it down in your home is mostly about preventing these from happening, or piling up. Here are our big six ways to beat the dust.

  • Pay attention to the floors. Whether you’re a big fan of carpets or wood, the fact is that the floor houses the vast majority of the dust in your home. We’re talking 70 percent or more! This makes dusting and vacuuming a top priority, and you should be sure to do it every week; twice if you’ve got the time to spare.  
  • Replace your air filter. The air filter in your HVAC system is very good at it’s job, but that doesn’t mean it won’t wear out. Within a few months of service, it’s going to be crusty and thick with dust, and at that point it’s basically blowing mess directly into your home. Replace it often to avoid this; we’d recommend every other month. And while you’re at it, upgrade to pleated filters—they do a better job, and last longer!
  • Get professional maintenance. Dust and debris float around in your home’s air all of the time, and in many ways you just can’t escape that. The best way to control it is to clean frequently where it collects most, as we mentioned with the flooring. But your HVAC system is basically a big old loop cycling air, and it will accumulate tons of dust and mess over time. Get professionals to clean it. You’ll reap benefits both in cleanliness, and in improved HVAC efficiency.
  • Never ‘dry dust’. Feather dusters and dry cloths will just push dust around, making it essentially relocate only to form up somewhere else. The goal is to trap dust, and to do this, you need a damp cloth with a cleaning solution. There are tons of great options for DIY dusting cleaner online, or simply go for the canned stuff.
  • Pay attention to fabrics. While you’re taking care of the floors, be sure to pull up (or down) rugs, curtains, and similar objects for a thorough cleaning, as well as cloth couches and bedsheets. Dust accumulates and embeds in fabric, so be sure to clean them often!
  • Go for IAQ solutions. If you really want clean, fresh air, and want to save yourself a ton of time or stress, simply take advantage of technology! Indoor air quality products like air filters can remove up to ninety percent of the dust from your home, keeping things clean and comfy permanently.

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Eliminating impurities that contaminate your indoor air does wonders for the health of your loved ones, employees, and customers. Take advantage of our air quality expertise and let us help you breathe easier than ever before. Your Florida neighbors have trusted Greens Energy Services for indoor air quality solutions for more than 60 years. Our team will work tirelessly until you are satisfied with the air quality in your home.

If you or your family members are suffering from allergies or asthma in your Central Florida home, it might be time to call a professional for indoor air quality services. Contact us online or call Greens Energy Services at 407-917-3759 to schedule your indoor air quality audit.

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