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What Is the Air Conditioner Compressor?

Posted On: March 13, 2017

When you think about your Florida air conditioning system, you’re probably peripherally aware that it’s more than just a couple of metal boxes. There are loads of bits and pieces that come together to make that thing tick, and one of the greatest amongst them is the compressor. But what even is a compressor? What does it do? What is your technician talking about!?

Well, if you’re up for a little learning, the experts at Greens Energy Services are up for a little teaching! We feel that informed consumers are overall happier with their systems, and tend to have an easier time knowing when to call in for service. So let’s get down to it.

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FAQ: What Is an AC Compressor?

The air conditioner compressor unit is a major part of how your system actually generates cool air, and it is the primary component that consumes fuel (the others being your fans, which blow air, sure, but don’t actually actively cool anything).

You could tentatively yet somewhat accurately say that the compressor is “where the magic happens”. It’s really easy to get lost in the bits when you’re talking HVAC parts and products. So, to make it simple and straightforward, we’re going to do a short series of Q&A style points, all nice and neat!

  • Where is the compressor located? Typically the compressor is housed within the outdoor unit, near the condenser coils. Some systems carry the compressor indoors, but this is somewhat uncommon.
  • What does a compressor look like? Compressors are a fairly sizable, cylindrical objects that also has a pair of copper tubes accompanying the assembly.
  • What functions does the compressor provide? Essentially the compressor’s job is to, what else, compress. Specifically it compresses and cycles the refrigerant housed in your AC system. In the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed to rapidly increase its temperature and convert it from liquid to high-pressure gas. The now gas refrigerant then exits the compressor, and goes into the condenser coil.
  • Why do you heat refrigerant? It’s a bit less about heating it, and a bit more about cycling it. You could say that the compressor is necessary for continuous cooling, since an AC system actually takes hot air out of your home as its number one function. So your system draws hot air out of your home through refrigerant as the medium, the compressor condenses the refrigerant, and then rejects it into the condenser coils, where it will rapidly lose all of the heat, so it can then be cycled to the evaporator.

It’s still a bunch of words, isn’t it? Well, honestly refrigeration is a (sort of) complex process! Many folks call the compressor the “heart” of the AC system, and that actually holds true fairly well. Except think of it more as less of a figure of speech, and of it performing a somewhat similar function, and you’ll have it about right.

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