What Is a Split AC System?

Split cooling systems have become one of the most commonly used standards in Orlando, but even now tons of folks aren’t really certain what they are, what advantages they offer, and whether or not they’d benefit from a split installation. That’s why today the team at Greens is going to give you a brief rundown on split system technology!

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What Is a Split Cooling System?

The majority of cooling systems all work off of the same refrigeration technology and theory, but many differ in small details—a ductless system is no different in this regard. They key is in the term split, which denotes a separation between the systems a central system or heat pump will use.

In a split system there are small indoor units or a single unit connected to an outdoor unit. The indoor units can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, etc.—they’re somewhat small, offering a lot of space-saving and versatility. It is also very noteworthy that split systems do not rely on ductwork. The system is connected to the exterior unit by way of tubes or piping for the refrigerant, and wiring for the electrical components.

Among split systems there are two types: mini-split systems and multi-split systems. The only real difference between the two is that in a mini-split there is one indoor unit, while in a multi there are, well, multiple. These two types can serve well for different purposes:

  • Mini splits (or wall-mounted cooling): Are typically used in lieu of, and as an upgrade to, window units. They are often found augmenting other cooling systems, in home additions, cooling small office spaces, and similar uses.
  • Multi-splits: Multi-splits are a good alternative to other total HVAC systems, offering a space-saving and dynamic replacement for typical central or heat pumps. These are seen nearly anywhere, including the places a mini split can be found.

Are There Advantages to a Split Cooling System?

Oh yes, quite a few actually! Split systems (they’re also called ductless systems) bring on a lot of advantages totally unique to them, including:

  • Better comfort control. The zoning ability featured in split systems provides you with the means to keep each zone cooled independently. Prefer your bedroom chilly, but your living space tepid? Easily done.
  • Versatile solutions. Without being tethered to ducts, split systems are available in a wider array of homes and in homes that cannot support duct ventilation systems.
  • Cooling upgrades. Single mini-split systems are often sought as a much stronger, more effective, and more cost effective cooling solution over archaic window units.
  • High efficiency. Both through modern tech and the zoning capability, ductless systems can reach very high efficiency ratings, giving you a lot of cooling power for little in the way of utility cost.

Split System Services in Orlando, FL

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