Where Should You Insulate Your Home?

Insulation plays one of the most vital roles in keeping your home comfortable, if not one of the quietest roles. You likely know well just how important proper insulation is, but you may not know exactly where to start when you plan on adding insulation. Looking for a bit of guidance from some trained professionals? The team at Greens Energy Services can provide some important information on the matter!

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Where to Insulate Your Home

The Most Critical Locations for Proper Insulation

The lazy (but honest) answer is that insulation is important to your entire home. You need proper insulation from the top to the bottom, and without it you’ll be uncomfortable and paying a whole lot more for HVAC. But you came for specifics, so we plan on delivering. Let’s start with the absolute priority locations for adding blown-in insulation.

  1. The attic. The roof area of your home represents the largest amount of potential for conditioned air loss, and even more so in the summer season. Without adequate insulation attic spaces burst the “bubble” of your home, letting all of your cooled or heated air escape and letting all of the outdoor temperature in. Attic insulation is also subject to considerable wear and tear, making it the most commonly needed addition as well.
  2. Exterior walls. After the attic your exterior walls (the ones that make the “face” of your home) are easily the most important. Poor insulation levels in exterior walls is frequently the cause of cold or warm spots in the home, as well as drafts.
  3. Duct systems. Uninsulated duct systems will lose lots of conditioned air through both the principles of radiation and through air leaking. The issue is even worse in ducted systems that run into attic or basement spaces, but even fully-internal systems can lose a lot. Properly insulating them can save you huge on heating and cooling costs, and will help you feel much more comfortable overall.

How to Know Where to Start

While we’d call these the big three, the best answer we can give is that you need insulation where you need it most. Every home is a touch different, and thus each need is different, too. A homeowner would be wise to routinely inspect insulation for signs of wear, looking particularly for insulation that is beginning to:

  • Sag
  • Buckle
  • Deflate or settle
  • Show signs of water damage
  • Develop mold or mildew growth

It’s also a good idea to know exactly how much insulation you need in your particular home. Lots of new construction back in the day put in far too little insulation initially, and in addition modern insulation like blown-in cellulose is just far more effective and long-lived.

Prefer to leave the inspections in the hands of trained professionals? No worries there! Most insulation professionals offer insulation assessment services that are designed to help you identify the most needed places for insulation in your home.

Blown-In Insulation Installation in Orlando, FL

In order to keep your home comfortable, you need proper insulation. Without it, you’re letting conditioned air escape—causing you more money on your utility bills each month. At Greens Energy Services, our technicians are all experienced with insulation installation and can help you determine where your conditioned are is being wasted! For more than 60 years your Florida neighbors have trusted our team to improve the energy efficiency on their home.

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