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Why Should I Install Blown-in Insulation?

Batt, blown-in, spray foam—there are a lot of insulation options to choose from. So when you know you need to add insulation to your home, what do you choose? Where do you start? The team at Greens Energy Services can help you decide! We’re Orlando’s most trusted home energy solution team, and today we’d like to get into how choosing blown-in insulation might be your best, most effective, and most cost-effective option!

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What Is Blown-in Insulation?

We hit the high notes on this topic recently in another post, but we’ll touch on it again today, too. Blown-in insulation is essentially what it sounds like. Using a “loose fill” insulation made up of either fiberglass or cellulose composite, blown in insulation is literally blown into spaces in order to fill them in with the suited amount of insulation.

Why Choose Blown-in Insulation?

Essentially the decision will come down to the same factors any home decision comes down to. What’s the most cost-effective, what is going to work the best, and how can you find a nice median between the two? Well thankfully thanks to loose fill insulation types, you don’t have to find a balance—you can just have it all!

Blown-in Insulation Is Highly Effective

While nearly any modern insulation is going to be pretty good at its job (wouldn’t survive the market otherwise!), blown-in fills in spaces more evenly and more effectively. It also lacks the seams and gaps that occur naturally in batt or rolled insulation, shoring up your envelope even further. This means that between blown-in and batt, assuming both offer the same R-value, the blown in can be more effective overall.

Blown-in Insulation Adds a Sound Barrier

Blown in insulation has been shown to block out noise better than any other material type. That means that with blown-in installed in your home, you’ll catch less planes overhead, storm noises, neighbor noises, and less cars off on the nearby highway. The result is not only a more comfortable home, but a more peaceful one, too!

True Value Is in Longevity

So it’s effective and provides some unique benefits, too. But what the choice really comes down to is cost vs usefulness. And blown-in holds an advantage here, too! Blown-in insulation settles very little, if at all, as opposed to rolled or batt insulation, which tends to settle (it’s the leading cause of needing to replace!). That means you’re getting a quality, effective, and unique product—and you’re getting one that stands to outlast other investments of similar value.

We won’t try to blind you—blown-in typically costs slightly more than other materials. However, through improved efficiency and longevity, it’s still the more cost-effective option overall. Same way buying quality appliances makes the appliance last longer. It’s all in the return on your investment, which with blown-in, is huge.

Blown-In Insulation Installation in Orlando, FL

Think you’ve found your perfect insulation option? When you’re looking for versatility, superior function, and overall longevity, choose blown-in insulation with the professionals at Greens! Contact us today to learn more, or to set a date for your insulation consultation!

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