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Is It Normal for Heat Pump to Leak Water?

If you’re the owner of a heat pump system in Orlando you’re probably quite satisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of your home cooling system. What you might be a good deal less satisfied with is its sudden urge to flood your home or dribble water all over the place! Dealing with a leaky heat pump and looking for some answers? The experts at Greens Energy Services are here to help you out!

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What Causes a Heat Pump Leak?

First off you can breathe a sigh of relief. This problem isn’t actually at all as strange as you might think, and in fact most cases are quite easily resolved. Additionally these problems are all shared across heat pumps and central cooling, so no matter which you have the answers in this post will apply to you.

Leaks from the Condensate Drain System

Heat pump systems operate using a closed loop of refrigerant to remove hot air from the home and replace it with cool. This process also dehumidifies as a byproduct (a wonderful, wonderful byproduct), and thus the system needs a way to handle the moisture it accumulates.

This is accomplished with the condensate system. The condensate system is made up of a simple drain pan to catch moisture, and either a simple pipe and pump or hose system in which the water is carried off and safely deposited either outside, or in a designated in-home drain.

The huge majority of leaks come from problems with the drain system, and these include:

  • Cracked or damaged drain pan. Like any other part a drain pan can simply get old and start to crack or rust. This is a really easy problem for a professional to tackle, and the repair can be done in a matter of an hour or less.
  • Loose or damaged pipe/hose. Similar to the above issue, this just kind of happens over time—especially if you’re not getting routine heat pump maintenance. Again, an easy enough fix!
  • Clogs in the drain line. A buildup of dust, debris, and mold can accumulate in drain systems, simply choking off normal water flow and causing spillage. You can actually remedy this one on your own if you can spot the clog. If you can’t though don’t go rooting around in the hose; have a professional do it for you!

Refrigerant or Air Flow Problems

The other, less common causes would deal with air flow restrictions or refrigerant leaks. These two problems are somewhat unrelated, but they both cause the same problem: sudden drops in system pressure that result in the formation of ice. A refrigerant leak is a professional repair job to be sure, whereas an air flow issue may simply indicate a need to replace your air filter.

Heat Pump Service & Repair in Florida

Still scratching your head over the leaks coming from your heat pump? Stop worrying and start getting the stress-free results you deserve! Our specialists are trained heat pump professionals and can offer you fast, accurate repair services that stop leaks and restore service in no time. Contact Greens online to set a date for your service!

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