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How Much Longer Will My Furnace Last?

Do you have an older heating system? Are you starting to wonder just how much longer your furnace will last? If your heating system isn’t performing up to its usual standards, has started to make more noise than it used to, or is malfunctioning in any other way, then it may be time to put your system out to pasture. Find out the signs of a needed replacement and what will work best for your home by following along with the pros at Greens Energy Services.

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Average Furnace Lifespan

While plenty of circumstances and issues can wear out a heating system prematurely, there is an average lifespan you can generally expect out of heating equipment. Assuming you’ve been keeping up with annual heating maintenance

  • Furnace systems, both gas and electric, should last around 15 years. Older units may run around ten, and you also have to take your location and how often you use the system into account as well.
  • Oil furnaces are quite effective, but they tend to last a lot less time than any other heating unit, typically tiring out at 10 years or earlier.
  • Heat pumps have an advantage in longevity, often lasting up to or exceeding 20 years or so when properly maintained and cared for. Remember that a heat pump needs semi-annual maintenance. Once in the spring and once in the fall.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Though many heating systems last well into their expected lifespans, sometimes things just bungle up or go wrong. That’s why knowing the clear signs is important. You’ll want to speak to a certified heating expert about heating replacement when:

  • Repair isn’t cutting it. Repair is often the first response a homeowner has, but after two or three repair calls the issue is a good bit different. Don’t get caught shelling out for four or five repairs with no results. Just replace for a less costly and stressful solution!
  • You’re not comfortable. Sometimes it’s not a question of whether or not the system is any good, but a question of whether or not it’s any good for you. An incorrectly sized heating system can often lead to an uncomfortable home until a replacement is sought.
  • Your heating costs are too high. Rising heating costs are one of the first signs you’ll get when your heating system is starting to wear out. If your utility costs have risen 10, 20% then you should probably be prepared to replace in a year or so.

Heating System Replacement in Orlando, Florida

Depending on the type of heating system you have in place, trading in for a newer model can be stressful to consider. However, we here at Greens Energy Services do our best to keep your HVAC systems in working condition for as long as possible—and when that fails, to make the switch to a new model quick and painless. Contact us online to get in touch with a heating specialist near you!

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