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Should I Install a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner in Orlando?

Picking the right home cooling system can really be the difference between having a comfortable and efficient home or a home that struggles against Orlando weather and costs you an arm and a leg. The biggest contenders when it comes to a new AC replacement tend to be central air conditioning and a heat pump, but which of these two is right for you?

Follow along with the service professionals at Greens Energy Services while we cover the general basics, ins and outs, and strengths of each.

What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump & an Air Conditioner in Orlando?

Since central cooling makes up the large majority of home AC systems in use today, you’re probably at least peripherally aware of what they are and how they run. A split (meaning there’s an indoor and an outdoor unit) system that harnesses the refrigeration cycle and pulls bad, hot air out, and brings machine-chilled cooler air in. Simple enough!

A heat pump is actually quite similar when it comes to the cooling part. It’s still a split system and it still uses the refrigeration cycle. The difference comes in when a heat pump performs the task that makes it so energy-efficient: it harnesses and utilizes ambient thermal energy to help it do its job. This results in a system that is quite effective, both in providing cool air and in keeping your costs down. Additionally, since a heat pump can operate in forward or reverse, it can provide heating come the winter in addition to its summer cooling skills, making it a versatile single source for year round comfort.

The Benefits of Each Cooling System

So far the heat pump sounds fairly superior overall, but before you jump the gun you’ll want to learn what advantages each system can offer:

Central air conditioning systems are widely used all across the US, and for good reason. They’re widely available, reliable, and pretty powerful when it comes to sheer output. And, perhaps most importantly, they are purchasable at a reasonably low price point compared to their competitors, making them the easier investment.

Heat pumps are growing in popularity again because they offer an eco-friendly efficiency that helps the environment and keeps your monthly costs down. They’re effective at both heating and cooling, and many systems offer zoning capabilities as well. However, heat pumps are not the cheapest investment you can make. Though they somewhat pay for themselves over time, that doesn’t change the fact that a new heat pump will typically run you more than a central system.

Which AC Unit Is Best for My Orlando Home?

That, as you might expect by this point, depends. What you need plays a big part, as well as your budget, preferences, and simply what’s available near you. You also have to consider that each home is fairly unique, meaning one of these two options might genuinely just work better for you and your home structure.

All of this is why working with a trained, certified, and trusted HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL is so important! When shopping for the best products, seek the best experts, and discuss your options with them openly.

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