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AC Maintenance for Central Florida Residents

As homeowners, we’re all about keeping our homes operating at peak performance. Whether it’s taking care of daily cleaning or doing some minor home repair, we’ll do everything we can to ensure we’re getting the most out of our space. And when it comes to home care, nothing trumps maintaining energy-efficiency. Whether it’s to keep monthly costs down or to ensure our comfort, appliances that utilize electrical power are first and foremost on our minds.

Looking for some ways to get the most out of your cooling system? The experts at Greens Energy Services are here to clue you in on some critical DIY tasks that can maximize the performance of your system and ensure you’re saving some cash in the process!

DIY Maintenance Tasks for Residential HVAC Systems

When it comes to professional maintenance, our experts can provide some of the best services in Orlando! But there are plenty of things you can do all on your own between our service visits, including:

  • Replace your air filter. We’re not exaggerating when we say this might be the number one thing you must do to guarantee HVAC health and improve performance. Your air filter is responsible for catching all of the dust, debris, and pollen your home naturally accumulates. Which is nice for air quality, of course, but mostly your system does this to ensure it doesn’t get bogged down with performance-harming junk. A dirty filter can lead to breakdowns and can kill the efficiency of your system. In peak seasons, be sure to replace your filter every few months (monthly is best).
  • Clean vent grilles. The vents that pipe cool, comfortable air in your home can grab up all kinds of dust and debris. These should be cleaned for much the same reason as your filter—to minimize clogging and maximize clear air flow.
  • Clear your exterior unit. Leaves and grass can bog up the compressor unit in a flash, leading to constricted air flow that can cause air flow problems and might even cause a leak in your system! Cleaning the exterior unit is easily done using a stiff brush and a hose.
  • Check for damage. We’re not talking in-depth. Leave that to the pros! But it’s a good idea to give your system a quick look-over for signs of cracking, dents, or damage to external components to keep track of when you might need professional repair. Prevention is your best line of defense and having a care to check out your system could save you loads if you spot a problem early on.

The Importance of Professional AC Maintenance

These tasks will go a very long way in ensuring your system stays hearty and healthy. But, these should be treated as an augment of professional maintenance! Without in-depth and comprehensive maintenance from trained specialists, your system will still begin to decline over time. A true tune-up includes component care, in-depth cleaning, electrical connection checks and other services that require expert know-how and cutting-edge equipment. So be sure to set an appointment with Greens Energy Services!

Professional care should be sought twice a year for the best results—once in the spring for your air conditioner and once in the fall for your heating system. This way, you can be absolutely sure that your system is ready to go and can handle all of your comfort needs as the seasons set in!

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Central Florida

As a Florida resident, there are few things more important than maintaining a cool temperature in your home. Your home should be your sanctuary where you can find relief from the scorching temperatures outside. Keep your air conditioner operating all summer with air conditioner maintenance from Greens Energy Services. Why risk compromising your comfort by entrusting your air conditioner service to anyone else?

Contact Greens Energy Services today if you need air conditioner maintenance in the Orlando area!

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