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Do Humidifiers Hurt or Help Asthma Sufferers?

Our air quality specialists get lots of questions regarding how our services and products might impact those who suffer from respiratory issues, and especially asthma. The most common of these is: will a humidifier help with my asthma?

And it’s a very good question! But one that’s not actually as easy as a simple yes or no. Follow along with the IAQ experts at Greens Energy Services to find out if a humidifier installation is the right choice for you!

Humidity & Asthma

The important thing to understand about humidity levels in your home is that all people, affected by asthma or not, are most comfortable in a humidity range between 35-50% relative humidity. Go higher and the air is sticky and clammy and harder to breathe. Go lower and the air can be dusty and heavily pollinated, as well as dry enough to cause dry skin and nose irritation.

If you suffer from asthma then you’re probably nodding your head right along with these points because you probably experience them all the time. Go out on a humid Florida day and you’re met with thick, nasty air that is hard to breathe. Go into an office or store with the AC cranked to 11 and suddenly things are just as bad, and for different reasons.

This is why that ideal range is key, and also why a humidifier installation might be able to help you out.

Why Florida Homes Struggle to Stay in Range

It’s more than plenty humid outside, so you might be thinking a dehumidifer sounds better. But stop and take a breath. The air in your home is probably actually quite dry, isn’t it? This is because your home cooling system, be it heat pump, central AC, or ductless split system, also dehumidifies your home as it works. This can result in exceptionally dry, dusty, and allergen-laden air that completely wrecks your respiratory health!

And then come winter it’s already less humid, and the furnace takes it even further. This is the conundrum most Florida homeowners deal with; a constant sapping of humidity from home air. And this is precisely why a humidifier system can help.

Will a Humidifier Reduce Asthma Symptoms?

Probably, but not absolutely. If your home is already right about in the ideal humidity range than introducing more humidity via a whole-home system can actually hurt rather than help. But that is a far less common issue than dry air. If your home is too dry, as most Orlando homes are, then yes, a humidifier could be just what you’re looking for!

By installing a system that works to maintain your perfect comfort range you can reduce the common symptoms of:

  • Dry skin and nasal passage irritation
  • Heaviness in the air and shortness of breath
  • Allergy triggers from dust and pollen

Whole-Home Humidifier Systems with Greens

Tired of dealing with dry and uncomfortable home air? If so, you can contact our air quality experts at any time online! We can discuss your current needs and help you come up with the ideal solution to help you stay healthy and comfortable in your home.

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