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Is Fall Maintenance Necessary? Yes!

Even with the handful of weeks we have left in summer, it can still feel a long way off. It has been a hot one and humidity has been no stranger either. But regardless of how we all feel about it, fall is actually on its way! This means relief to many Orlando homeowners is within our grasp. But our experts would urge you to not put your guard down just yet!

Before the cooler months settle in, it’s a good idea to contact your favorite HVAC experts for some fall routine maintenance! Professional care ensures your system is ready to meet the coming season, saving you a lot of potential stress and improving the efficiency of your heating system.

Ready for your fall checkup? Contact the experts at Greens Energy Services today! And to get the absolute best service we can possibly provide, ask about our maintenance agreements!

Why Schedule Maintenance in the Fall?

This is a common question, and we understand where you’re coming from. After all, our fall seasons are pretty mild and you likely won’t actually need to kick on the heat for a few months yet. However, this is part of why fall maintenance is a good idea. Getting in your maintenance early means you’re absolutely sure your system is primed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing worse than kicking your system on during a particularly frosty night only to get no response!

Fall is simply a good time for scheduling as well. When winter hits, most HVAC specialists are going to be up to their knees with emergency calls, which can mean a waiting list for your maintenance. Fall guarantees you have plenty of time to get the care and service you need.

How Important Is Fall Maintenance?

Fall is one of the two “optimal” seasons for maintenance (spring being the other) for a reason. You’re about to put a lot of demand on a system that has essentially been sitting idly for months. There’s no way to tell if your system is ready to roll and up to the task. But maintenance can get you the answers you need.

Not only that, but maintenance just provides too many benefits to ignore! With routine maintenance, you get:

  • A clean system. Literally. Dust and junk have been accumulating in your system while it has been sleeping. This can mean bad air flow, poor efficiency, and can even give cause for some serious repair calls.
  • Maximized efficiency. Regardless of your heating system, you want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the most comfort for the least cost! Routine care is hands-down the best method of improving and maintaining the efficiency of your system.
  • Less breakdowns. By tightening electrical connections, checking major and minor components, and all around providing your system with some much needed care, we’re avoiding the vast majority of causes for repair. Maintenance means surety—surety that you’re getting the best from your system, and surety that you’ve done all you can to avoid costly breakdowns.

Furnace Maintenance in Orlando, Florida

When the cold weather arrives, you need a warm and cozy house you can escape to. For heating system installation, repair, or maintenance in the Orlando area, you need the heating experts at Greens Energy Services. When you want your furnace maintenance handled correctly, you need a professional HVAC company that knows the ins and outs of heating systems. Why risk compromising your comfort by entrusting your heating system maintenance to anyone else?

Well-maintained HVAC equipment results in lower utility bills, longer life for your air conditioner and reduced consumption of energy. Contact Greens Energy Services today to schedule your furnace maintenance today!

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