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Can I Schedule an AC Tune-Up in the Fall?

If you keep up to date with our blog at all, you know pretty well that at Greens Energy Services we’re big on talking about heating and cooling tune-ups. Are you struggling a bit about whether or not you should set up an AC tune-up now or later? We would recommend now, and here’s why.

Why Is Fall a Good Time to Schedule an AC Tune-Up?

Winter is on its way and you almost certainly won’t be needing your air conditioner again any time soon. So why get preventative service now, before you even need it? You get an AC tune-up to, first and foremost, protect your system and prevent problems from cropping up. That means the earlier it gets done, the more benefits and perks you enjoy.

Plus there are a lot of additional benefits to fall air conditioner maintenance, including:

  • More energy savings. You start shelling out for electricity the moment you kick your central air, heat pump, or ductless system on. So ideally you want the system optimized and running as efficiently as possible right at the peak of the season. Getting the job done in the fall ensures you don’t miss out on a single cent of potential savings come next summer and spring.
  • Less risks of an upfront problem. On that first really thick, hot spring or summer day you want to kick the system on and know that it’s going to run perfectly. What you don’t want is to be welcomed with a coughing, sputtering, or completely busted down cooling system! Maintenance checks ensure your equipment is working as well as possible, so that the system will be ready and waiting when you need it.
  • Keeps issues from cropping up during the winter. A cooling system can sit idle for months at a time, and while it won’t wear down from effort in that time, being sedentary can still take its toll. You want the system calibrated and cleaned after a long Florida summer so that it can be prepped and refreshed for the next coming season.
  • Easier scheduling. Another practical bonus is that it’s just a good bit easier to schedule a service around this time! Less folks are relying on air conditioners, and very few have their heat on yet. But come winter that’s going to be a very different story. Scheduling in the fall is easy and pain-free, helping you get sure service when you need it.

Beyond all of these, you also just won’t forget! We would realistically recommend seeking an AC tune up in both the fall and spring both for optimal results. But things happen and people are busy, and if you miss both you’ll notice the difference! Being prepared now just means you’re one step closer to the cooling quality you deserve.

Post-Season AC Maintenance in Orlando, Florida

Think now’s a good time to set up your tune-up service? We do, too! Go ahead and give Greens a call or fill out a contact sheet today so we can help you get your system ready for summer 2018. While you’re at it, talk to our team about a furnace assessment and tune-up in the same service!

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