How to Get Rid of the Cigarette Smell In Your Home

Maybe the previous homeowners had a bit of the old habit, or maybe you yourself have just recently given it the boot. Either way the problem is still the same: the smell of cigarette smoke is as stubborn as they come, and can be nearly impossible to rid yourself of completely.

Or is it? Follow along with Greens Energy Services Air Quality division to find out your number one solution for odor removal!

What Air Quality System Handles Odors Best?

Most modern air quality systems can do a solid enough bit of odor control. Air filtration systems do it by catching and filtering out a percentage of larger odor particles, as well as catching particles that readily carry odors, such as dust and skin cells. But while they make a noteworthy impact, they aren’t your best option. If it’s funky odors and cigarette tar you’re targeting, then you want to look into an air purification system.

How Air Purifiers Work

Putting it all rather simply, an air purifier differs from an air filtration system because it seeks to neutralize and eradicate rather than catch and remove. They don’t just get rid of odors—they obliterate them! Though before the zeal takes hold of you, it’s important to note that not all air purifiers can do this when it comes to smelly particles.

This is because “air purifier” is a blanket term for all indoor air quality systems that eliminate and displace, and ones that are simply differentiated from filtration systems. What you’re looking for to control odors are air purifiers that operate via either activated carbon (which are attached filter options in mid-tier purifiers) or even better, systems that use oxidized or ionized air.

These systems essentially utilize tech that naturally attracts odor causing particles such as tobacco smoke, cooking odors, and other funky smells by targeting the organic compounds present in the odor particles. Basically they target them, zap them, and thus these odors are completely removed!

How Well Does It Work?

If you pick a top-end air purifier system you can expect improvement to home smell within an hour or two, with complete removal taking a couple of days. Additionally these systems will keep on targeting odors forever! That means cooking odors, mold spore, bacteria, and other odor causing particles are permanently controlled, helping you get the clean, fresh air you deserve for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking for a top-tier and proven air purification system to settle your cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke woes, we would recommend the Air Knight Air Purification System. We offer these purifiers to our clients and can confidently say the results will be immediately evident!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions with Greens in Orlando, FL

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